Woman dated and lived with ‘most wanted’ murderer and had no idea

Stella Paris, a 35-year-old woman, has recently opened up about her relationship with a murderer. The couple had been dating for almost a year, and Stella had no idea that she was living and sleeping with the most wanted criminal. Heartbroken, the woman decided to pursue a career as a stripper.

Unaware that her partner, Christopher Guest More, was one of Europe’s most wanted criminals who had murdered a father in front of his children, Stella dreamed about marrying the guy one day, but had no idea who this man truly was.

The murderer hung a man upside down, beat him with a cane, and burned him with hot plastic, all while the poor man’s children were present. During the four-hour attack over a £20,000 drug debt, the dad’s head was also dipped in a barrel of dirty water while he hung upside down. The guy eventually passed away from numerous wounds, including fractured ribs, heart bruises, and a brain bleed, said report.

More committed the horrid crime in 2003, and the couple met nine years later. At the time, the lady was working as a stripper in Malta. After his crime, More took the false name of Andrew Lamb and moved to Malta, where he lived a luxurious life.

Stella commented on her relationship with the criminal: “It took me a whole year to process the fact that I had been living, eating and sleeping with someone whose real name and background I didn’t know.” “The fact he was a murderer shattered me. The details of the torture horrified me and was hard on my mental health.”

More once requested Stella to cook him boiled eggs for breakfast, but when the eggs were too runny, he tossed them at her, and the two had a terrible fight, as stated.

She described how, after telling him she would go, he wrestled her to the ground; she later went to her mother’s house with an injured wrist.

More was finally arrested in 2019, and Stella quit her medical career and became a stripper and a ‘model’ on an amateur site. The 35-year-old claimed that leaving her medical job behind to work in the adult industry was the best choice she had ever made.

Stella’s father was a doctor, and her mother was an academic, but she felt constrained by her line of work and yearned for something more imaginative.

Stella now spends her days in front of the camera, amusing her subscribers by dressing up as a firefighter or a stripper, depending on the audience’s mood. “I also enjoy doing more domination shows and calls because those guys that want me to dominate them are much nicer. They are easier to talk to, and because of my past and some of the abuse I’ve endured, I am not very much into people telling me what to do,” she concludes.

This story syndicated with licensed permission from Frank who writes for a funny news blog. Follow Frank on Facebook.

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