Biden Admin Being Sued For Sending Insane Amount To Palestinian Authority That Allegedly Funded Policy That Killed Hundreds Of US Citizens

A lawsuit was filed against the Biden administration and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, accusing both of sending over a half a billion dollars, all from taxpayers, to the Palestinian Authority, despite being fully aware that the group was financially backing a policy that was responsible for killing hundreds of Israeli and U.S. citizens, the Daily Caller News Foundation is reporting.

“The lawsuit, which was filed by America First Legal Foundation, argued that the Biden administration sent large sums of money to the Palestinian Authority, a government that has supported paying terrorists who commit acts of violence against Israelis via the PA Martyrs Fund. The program, also referred to as ‘Pay to Slay,’ is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of U.S. and Israeli citizens,” a piece published by TheBlaze revealed.

“Taylor Force, a 28-year-old U.S. Army veteran, was murdered by Palestinian terrorists while on a graduate program trip to Israel. In response to the atrocity, former President Donald Trump and Congress passed the Taylor Force Act in 2017, which prevents U.S. taxpayer dollars from going to the PA until the regime ends its ‘Pay to Slay’ policy,” the report continued.

“The lawsuit argues that the Biden administration has continued to send funds despite the legislation. After announcing in May 2020 that he planned to restore funding to the PA, Biden signed off on over $360 million to the PA the following year,” it added.

A Palestinian official stated that same year, the PA sent a whopping $181 million to terrorists who then went out and committed horrific acts of violence against the nation of Israel. Because that’s what terrorists do, right? Especially in that region of the world. But if we dare talk about the religious motivations and the racial hatred behind these attacks, the left calls us Zionists and accuses us of racism. Seems weird, right?

The lawsuit makes the claim that the Biden administration admitted to Congress a few months before distributing the money that it was aware the PA was still implementing this awful policy. According to the complaint that has been filed, again in the month of May 2022, a private report to Congress showed that the White Houses was aware that the PA had not stopped this policy and had actually sent out another $341 million to the terrorists participating in this activity.

“The defendants took power on January 20, 2021, with a new plan: Transfer hundreds of millions of dollars from U.S. taxpayers to the Palestinian Authority despite Pay to Slay and contrary to the Taylor Force Act,” the complaint read. “Contrary to law, they have transferred nearly half a billion American taxpayer dollars to directly benefit and subsidize the Palestinian Authority.”

Stuart, Taylor Force’s father, spoke with the Daily Caller News Foundation saying that he hopes his family is able to hold the Biden administration accountable for what happened. At this point, the current regime in the White House has engaged in so many abominable practices surely something, anything will stick. There needs to be justice and accountability at some point.

“Our role in the lawsuit is as it was in our efforts to enact the original Taylor Force Act – to put a human face on the horrific effects of the Palestinian Authority’s Pay for Slay policy,” Force said during his conversation with the news outlet. “Multiply the devastating loss of our beloved son Taylor by the hundreds of Israeli families that have also been impacted by this inhumane atrocity of Pay for Slay and you will understand why we are committed to ending the flow of US dollars to the PA.”

“If [Biden and Blinken] understood what motivates Israel’s enemies, the elimination of the State of Israel, I would think they would stop any funding that could possibly find its way into the wrong hands,” Force told the DCNF. “Aside from the increased rocket barrages, tunnel construction, and increased frequency of attacks on innocent civilians when ‘foreign aid’ increases, the money is used in its widespread PR campaign to incite violence and foment hatred of Israel and the United States.”

A spokesperson representing the State Department went on to tell the DCNF, “As a matter of practice, we do not comment on pending litigation.”

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