Go Woke, Go Broke. Disney Stock Under Water After New Avatar Disappoints

Wokeness is a mind virus. The infection starts slowly, but if left unchecked it will affect every aspect of its victim, from decision making to profitability, as Disney is currently discovering. The saying “go woke, go broke” didn’t happen by accident. Woke corporations eventually reap what they sow, which is why Disney is suffering financially. Turns out you can’t groom kids and sneak in your secret queer agenda without losing a big part of your audience. Who knew? Well, apparently most people with young kids that used to love nothing more than sharing the newest Disney offering without having to worry about explaining why two boys were kissing.

Avatar was released in 2009 and immediately became a genre changing, worldwide success. The movie set the bar for special effects and broke box office records, despite having a mediocre storyline and being mostly CGI. Fast forward thirteen years later, and Avatar: The Way of Water was released with the hopes of Disney pinned firmly on the far overdue sequel. Guess thirteen years may be too long to wait for a sequel, as the new Avatar movie severely underperformed, dragging Disney’s stock down with it. Check this out.

“Disney shares … sank nearly 5% to their lowest level since March 2020 on Monday, after [Avatar: Way of the Water] and one of the priciest movies in Hollywood history fell short of the hype in its opening weekend,” reports Market Watch.

According to this stock tracker, that March of 2020 bottom was short-lived just before the stock jumped to nearly $200 per share. Outside of that temporary dive, Disney’s stock closing at $85.78 per share on Monday is the lowest number in nearly a decade, since May of 2014.

That is bad news for the mouse. Really bad. Disney has taken numerous punches to the face, mostly from their own hand. Rampant virtue signaling, reports of sexual abuse in the park, and the insistence on pushing the agenda of the lgbtq Air Force has damaged the once unsinkable titanic that is Disney. It certainly also didn’t help that Disney took aim at Florida Governor Ron Desantis and his “Parental Rights Bill”. Desantis laid the smack down on Disney, and the country took notice. Subsequently Disney plus has bled subscribers, and the last release before Avatar, “Strange World” was one of the biggest flops in cinematic history.

In January of 2021, a mere two years ago, Disney’s stock was riding high at about $185 per share. Then the Disney pigs targeted children with their sick grooming techniques, even in “children’s” movies, and it all went sideways.

What’s more, Disney’s stock is lower now than when Bob Iger was rehired as CEO on November 23 — from $97.90 per share to just $85.78. That’s because media lies do not fool smart money. Iger is not Disney’s savior. It was Iger who put Disney on a course to groom children with drag queens and trans propaganda and adult sexuality placed in movies aimed at small kids.
It seems that America is just about fed up with Disney’s nonsense. Companies don’t change until you hit them in the wallet, and Disney is coming up short on cheddar with the failed Avatar sequel. That can’t possibly please the mouse, so perhaps Disney will wake up.


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