Hilarious Video! Hypocrite Activist Called Out During Congressional Subcommittee Meeting on White Supremacy

Sometimes you have to let leftists call themselves out. If you wait and are clever enough, they can be baited into revealing their low IQ, lack of moral fiber and hypocrisy. Usually when the big reveal happens it is hysterical and cringeworthy all at the same time. The hypocrisy and lack of moral fiber runs so deep with the left that sometimes it is easy to call it out. You just have to ask the right questions, and then present receipts. If there’s one thing the right does well, it is keep receipts.

Recently, before a Congressional Subcommittee, specifically the House Oversight and Reform Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties regarding “the consequences of inaction by contextualizing the proliferation of white nationalism and political violence” an activist named Alejandra Carabello was testifying that “extreme threats against the LGBTQ community” is a product of white supremacy. While this assertion is patently untrue and absurd on every level, since Carabello is a transgendered dude pretending to be a lady, he was given the platform, and ostensibly enough metaphorical rope by Republican Nancy Mace to hang himself. Again metaphorically, as actual violence against that subset of humanity is extremely statistically rare. Either way, check this out.

Republican Nancy Mace asked Carabello a few questions, and immediately uncovered how activism is often infested with hypocrisy.

Mace rightfully started out by saying, “We’ve got to take a stand to support the Constitution and the rule of law against those who debase our society with violence or harassment of government officials carrying out their constitutional duties.”

Mace asked, “Is rhetoric on social media a problem and a threat to our democracy?” She continued, “Do you believe that rhetoric targeting officials with violence for carrying out their constitutional duties is a threat to democracy?”

Carabello responded with an affirmative “yes.”

Unfortunately for Carabello, but fortunately for the sake of comedy, he had conveniently forgotten Tweets he sent after the overturning of Roe V Wade. Naturally, Mace dropped the hammer. Mace reminded Carabello of the Tweets he sent calling for the Justices to be harassed in public. The Tweet video says it all.

Gotcha fella! The hypocrisy runs deep here. The left and LGBTQ lobby have managed to redefine words and actions. No longer is violence actual violence so long as it is perpetrated by the left, and words are violence if they are Tweeted or spoken by conservatives. Conservative parents concerned for their kids being sexualized by drag queens are now looked at as if they are some sort of Archie Bunker level bigots. There is a clear disconnect from reality with libs. The party that believes a man can get pregnant and a woman can be a man can’t be trusted to redefine anything, considering they aren’t even sure what gender they are on a day-to-day basis. As the rational adults in the room, conservatives must continue to state the obvious and hold a mirror to those pretending to be something they can never be. We also need more people like Nancy Mace willing and able to trip these people up in a web of their own logic.

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