Is It Possible Another Dem Senator Might Defect? Joe Manchin Reveals Plans For Future With Democratic Party

There have been a few high-profile Democrats who have switched sides over the last few years, the most recent being Arizona Sen. Krysten Sinema who left the party and went independent, a move that could end up making the grip the left has over the upper chamber a bit slippery in the next term. You can bet the radicals were not at all happy with Sinema over that little move.

Rumors have been floating around that West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin might end up kissing the party goodbye, especially since many folks have done him dirty and he has a track record of not being on board with certain bits of the leftist agenda.

According to the Daily Wire, a journalist recently asked Manchin if he might be considering a party switch. The West Virginia Democrat said that, as of now, he has no plans to leave. However, he isn’t exactly ruling out the possibility either.

“I’ll look at all of these things. I’ve always looked all these things but I have no intention of doing anything right now,” Manchin stated during a chat with reporters, according to The Hill.

“Whether I do something later, I can’t tell you what the future’s going to bring. I can only tell you where I am and my mindset now,” he continued.

Sinema revealed on Friday that she was changing her party affiliation. She made the announcement after Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) won his special election, giving the Democrats and the independents who caucus with them a slim 51-member majority in the Senate,” the report said.

“I have joined the growing numbers of Arizonans who reject party politics by declaring my independence from the broken partisan system in Washington,” Sinema went on to write in a guest column for the Arizona Republic.

Both Manchin and Sinema will be up for reelection in the 2024 presidential cycle. These two are notorious troublemakers for the left-wing radicals and often end up making headlines in the news as they break with the majority of Democratic and independent senators on major issues; however, they do mostly vote in line with President Joe Biden.

Manchin weighed in on Sinema’s defection, stating he wants to keep working with her in the future. “I tremendously respect her decision and wish her the best,” he remarked.

“Last year, after denying he was leaving the Democratic Party, Manchin said he would become an independent, but still caucus with the Democrats if he turned into an ’embarrassment’ to his Democratic colleagues,” the report concluded.

The real question on everyone’s mind is how Sinema’s leaving the Democratic Party might impact the successful implementation of President Biden’s radical agenda or the grip that the left currently has over the upper chamber.

For many years, there has been a slow shift toward the far left for the Democratic Party. This is no longer the case. Now they are sliding toward the ultimate end of the spectrum at warp speed. It used to be that these radicals would operate from deep within the shadows, but now they are emboldened and work right out for everyone to see.

Let’s hope we can shift the cultural tide, as well as the political one, back in the other direction before we lose our republic.

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