Joe Rogan Unleashes Fury On Ridiculous ‘Fat’ Professors Complaining Healthy Eating Is Offensive

Our culture is growing more and more ridiculous by the minute, thanks to the insanity of the radical left, who continue to push their nonsensical way of thinking on people from all walks of life, particularly young people in college and university. A great example of this comes to us from world-famous podcast host Joe Rogan who unleashed hell on a group of ‘fat’ professors who are claiming that eating healthy is offensive.

These are the individuals who have been hired to teach your kids at institutions you are helping to pay tens of thousands of dollars a year for. Your money, ladies and gentlemen, is being taken directly from your bank account, placed in a toilet, and flushed down into the sewer.

“F— off fat professors, f— off, you guys are unhealthy, it’s not in any way good,” Rogan said, according to Fox News.

“Rogan’s guest was fitness influencer Derek of the ‘More Plates, More Dates’ YouTube channel, where the two appeared to reference a document from the University of British Columbia in Canada. The document defended the removal of nutritional information from menus because putting the number of calories next to an item can be ‘triggering’ for some students,” the report continued.

“It can be triggering for those with disordered eating habits or eating disorders,” the document addressed to students said. “For those of us who have a rocky relationship with food, either in the past or present, it can be triggering when we are presented with caloric information, and it can affect our ability to repair our relationship with food. By stepping away from nutrition information, we can place a greater focus on the enjoyment of food and creating a satisfying experience.”

Derek then pointed out how the university “removed all of the nutritional information apparently from the foods the students were getting on their meal plans, because it was ‘too triggering’ to show the calories.” 

He then stated, “it presents this f—ed up scenario where you can’t even self-regulate, even the individuals who want to stay at a healthy weight, you can’t even figure out what the f— you’re eating.”

Rogan then brought up a viral video that featured a female professor “talking about [how] avoiding certain foods is just ‘fatphobic’ and ‘it’s not based in science.’” He continued, saying the woman said, “you shouldn’t deny yourself donuts” and “to call some food ‘junk food’ is incorrect.”

“How are you ever speaking publicly on this?” Rogan pondered aloud.

The popular podcaster then slammed the notion that folks are disturbed by actual data that is presented about the foods they are choosing to consume, suggesting that it “doesn’t mean anybody should tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, but you should know.”

This seems like common sense, right? I mean, no one should make you eat a specific or certain way, but you should at least have access to the information so you can make a good decision for yourself. Or a bad one. It’s ultimately the individual’s call.

The host then stated that by demonizing information, “they’re raising the most non-resilient people possibly known to man, where every single micro-aggression, every single thing that can trigger you, all those are removed, and you are just raw and vulnerable.” 

“We’ll protect you in this university system, and then spit you out into the world where you will then infect corporations with this ideology-and that is what we’re experiencing,” he continued.

“It’s wild how the shift to comfort mentality has very much become commonplace,” Derek stated in response. “I feel like this is partially why men’s testosterone levels are dropping too-just like the lifestyle and encouragement to be a sedentary piece of s— who is offended and insulted by literally everything, none of this is conducive to masculinity.”

With this line of thinking, it’s going to be impossible to ever share truthful information and data about any issue facing our society. This is why you are seeing so many people going through transgender reassignment surgery and regretting it. Many of them said they were not given proper information about potential side effects and other issues they might end up facing after the procedure.

The denial of information is viewed by the left as a means of protecting people from harsh realities. It’s really just a measure of control placed on people to keep them from thinking for themselves.

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