Las Vegas Carjacker Gambles on Wrong Woman, Gets Shot With Own Gun

America’s large cities, particularly ones under Democrat control, are getting more dangerous by the day. Why is this? Perhaps because there are few repercussions for crime as perps are often let go or only given minimal bail because of terrible bail reform policies. The left wants chaos and crime and does everything it can to foster and encourage this behavior. Often it results in the loss of life.

Recently in Las Vegas, two women were headed out to party when two carjackers approached and attempted to take the women’s vehicle. What happened next cost one crook his life and makes you wonder what a person should do if confronted with the same situation.

A Nevada woman fatally turned the tables on criminal suspects during a failed carjacking, according to police.

Two women were on their way to a party when a car parked in front of their vehicle in North Las Vegas on Nov. 19. Two armed men reportedly exited their vehicle and approached the women.

The female driver was yanked out of the car by one of the men, according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police. The carjacker reportedly placed his gun on his lap and then had issues starting the vehicle. The woman then snatched the gun and ran, according to the arrest report.

Fatal mistakes everywhere by the carjackers. Quite literally, in fact. When the dumb crook put his gun in his lap, the brave victim wasted no time snatching the gun and running. At that point, the jacker probably should have cut his losses and fled. Instead, he made the mistake of chasing and tackling a person with a firearm. That mistake cost him his life.

The carjacker allegedly tackled the woman from behind. During the struggle, the woman reportedly shot her attacker with his own gun. The other carjacker began firing at the woman, according to police. The woman was able to escape to a nearby house until police arrived at the crime scene.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to have any sympathy for the dead crook. You live by the gun, you die by the gun, and this criminal did the latter. It’s unknown what the other victim and criminal were doing at the time of the scuffle and subsequent gunshot. Thankfully the woman’s car wouldn’t start, distracting the thief just long enough for the ladies to escape harm.

In the street, police officers found a man wearing a ski mask who was profusely bleeding from his head. Officers attempted life-saving measures, but the man was pronounced dead.

Witnesses corroborated that the woman acted in self-defense. The woman was taken into custody but later released after police determined she acted in self-defense.

It is sad that young people feel the need to engage in such criminal activity, but when there are precious few repercussions for committing crimes, it emboldens people to commit crimes. Unfortunately for this crook, it cost him his life, and his partner got picked up as well.

The other would-be carjacker escaped before law enforcement arrived, but police later identified the suspect as 18-year-old Jaylin Morrison. The vehicle reportedly belonged to Morrison’s mother. Officers obtained a search warrant and discovered ammunition that matched the shell casings found near the dead man’s body, according to police. Detectives said cell phone records placed Morrison at the scene of the crime.

These crooks took moms car and tried to carjack another car, leading to a gunshot to the head and loss of life. All for what? Sometimes justice is served by the victims of violent crime, and this time it was served with hot lead.


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