Out of Control! Musk Car With His Son Accosted by Crazed Attacker Believing Twitter Owner Was Inside (Video)

This is out of control. The world is dangerous enough on its own without crazy political activists stalking public figures they don’t agree with. Of course, crazy is the domain of the left and leftists aren’t very happy with Twitter owner Elon Musk right now, so crazy people are going to do what crazy people do. In this case, it is stalk and accost the car Musk was believed to be riding in. Musk wasn’t in the vehicle, but one of his 10 children were, prompting Elon to take to, where else but Twitter to attempt to find out the identity of the scumbag that accosted his son and vehicle.

Since Musk purchased Twitter and subsequently decided free speech actually meant something, liberals everywhere have lost their collective minds. Apparently, the dumping of the so called “Twitter Files” was enough to set this particular kook into action. Check this out.

A car carrying one of Elon Musk’s children was allegedly attacked Tuesday night.

The Tesla founder and Twitter owner tweeted late Tuesday that the vehicle carrying his child X Æ A-12, who is two, in Los Angeles was followed by a “crazy talker” believing Musk was in the car.

The stalker allegedly blocked the vehicle and then climbed on the hood, according to Musk. He posted a very short video of the vehicle, including its license plate. It’s unclear if the person taking the video is a bodyguard or simply someone who was with X.

What kind of human trash does this? Whatever happened to writing a strongly worded letter, or maybe ironically, a Tweet to voice displeasure with the job Elon has done? What kind of unhinged lunatic follows a car and jumps on the hood? In some circles, the answer to that question would be a dead one. Try doing that to Steven Crowder or Dan Bongino and see how quickly you taste hot lead.

The alleged attack happened right around the same time Musk announced that accounts sharing the exact locations of people would no longer be allowed.

Several accounts dedicated to following jets, including Musk’s, were deleted.

Accounts such as those shouldn’t exist in the first place. People should be allowed to live private lives without the fear of being chased, followed or assaulted, if not worse. Hopefully Elon will permanently ban such accounts. It was all great fun to track Elon’s jet until crazed leftists started wanting him iced. Elon Musk is worth 175 billion so he can afford private security for himself, his wife and all 10 of his kids. The next time something like this happens, Musk needs to have security detail in place that will fine tune whoever is attempting to confront the Twitter chief. A message needs to be sent that this isn’t acceptable. Think in terms of security when Dave Chappelle was assaulted on stage. Haven’t seen that happen since, have we? Musk needs to hook up with his pal Dave and get some security recommendations to nip this nonsense before someone close to him gets hurt.

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