Philadelphia Attempts To “Out Woke’ the Nation With Renaming of City Christmas Tree

The decaying city of Philadelphia, once known as the city of “brotherly love,” continues its downward spiral into the depths of wokeness. While this should come as no shock since the city is Democrat-controlled, considering it is the birthplace of our constitution and nation, it still is sad to see. So, what has Philly done now? Canceled Christmas! Well, at least the Christmas tree. Turns out that renaming it a “holiday” tree will solve all of the world’s problems and make EVERYONE feel included. Good job, Philly!

Philadelphia hasn’t always been the liberal hellhole it is now. There was once a time when Philly, while still unsafe, was at least a fun, vibrant city full of character and history. This is a city that famously booed and threw snowballs at Santa Claus during halftime of a football game. This is also the city where Jill Biden was lustily booed before a Sunday night Eagles game just this year, so we know not all of Philly is lost, even if the top is corrupt and inept.

Philadelphia held its annual tree lighting ceremony in front of City Hall last week celebrating the start of the Christmas season. Santa and Mrs. Claus were in attendance, Christmas carols were played, and the entire building was decked out in Christmas decor.

Everything about the occasion was Christmas, except the grandest Christmas symbol of all: the actual tree.

City officials refuse to identify the tree as a Christmas tree, instead, they refer to it as a “holiday tree.” The city’s website even promoted the event as the ‘City of Philadelphia Holiday Tree Lighting Celebration’ and the word ‘Christmas’ is not found anywhere in the event’s description.

Philly is so woke that not only are men identifying as women and vice versa, trees are now identifying as holiday instead of Christmas. Correct me if I am wrong, but there are holidays littering the calendar. Which holiday is Philly referring to? Is it an Easter tree? God forbid (pun intended) that anyone gets offended by Easter eggs, so I suppose those are holiday eggs now. Maybe it’s an Arbor Day tree? Too macabre? Since it’s Philadelphia, I guess a President’s Day tree could be in order unless one of the presidents owned a slave back in the day. Ironically or not, this isn’t Philly’s first dance around Christmas name-changing.

As the Washington Examiner notes, the city’s Christmas market was called the ‘Christmas Village’ but had its name briefly changed to ‘Holiday Village’ back in 2010 with the city looking to get a head start on ‘inclusivity.’ After Jay Leno called out the city’s ridiculous decision, it was changed back to being called the ‘Christmas Village.’

The most ironic piece to this story is that the city officially refers to the market as the ‘Christmas Village’ today but refuses to call the Christmas tree a Christmas tree.

Philly just sounds confused. Are men women? Are women men? Is Christmas a holiday? Was Rocky real? Should we keep criminals locked up? So many questions and apparently so few answers. Perhaps Philadelphia and their fine (joking) leaders should focus on crime, unemployment, and violence that has become so bad that people under 18 have a permanent curfew. Nah, let’s just worry about what we will call the Christmas tree this year, even if it will have less under it thanks to Brandon and his failed policies! Merry Christmas, Philadelphia!


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