Planned Parenthood Reveals What ‘Act Of Love’ Men Are Doing For Women With Overturn Of Roe

One of the many, many reasons that men have been so supportive of women getting abortions when they get pregnant is because it allows them to have sexual contact with the fairer gender — of which there are only two — without having to use protection or take any responsibility for their actions. Not to mention the fact that supporting abortion makes them look like they are in favor of “healthcare” for women, so yeah, brownie points. It’s a pretty good deal for the dudes, right?

Well, that all went swirly down the toilet after the Roe v. Wade decision was overturned by the Supreme Court earlier this year. So what’s a cowardly, spineless man-baby to do without the legal right to encourage his sexual partner to murder the child they created during an act of passion?

According to TheBlaze, Planned Parenthood has revealed they are seeing an increase in the number of vasectomies since SCOTUS overturned Roe. Isn’t that so sweet? Men are wanting to ensure that women they sleep with don’t get pregnant and end up with a child they aren’t ready for. What an amazing, selfless action. See? Men are once again looking out for the healthcare of women.

Since their right to child murder has been denied, men, being the feminists they are, have stepped forward to get the old snip-snip. It’s a major sacrifice, but that only proves how much men truly love women.

I hope you’re catching all of the sarcasm here. I’m slathering it on in pretty thick layers.

“A Planned Parenthood affiliate covering the Northwest, Alaska, Hawaii, Indiana, and Kentucky claims there has been a 34% increase in vasectomies in 2022 when compared to 2021,” TheBlaze reported. “Dr. Grace Shih, who works for Planned Parenthood and the University of Washington, says one of her patients described getting a vasectomy as ‘an act of love.'”

“I had another patient say they felt their partners’ rights were being taken away and getting a vasectomy is the least they could do,” Shih went on to explain to Seattle outlet KING, further expounding on how she believes that existing political beliefs came to the surface by the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“Our vasectomy volume has gone up quite a bit,” Shih, who wears the title of “director of vasectomy services” at Planned Parenthood, continued. she then attributes the increase to politics, saying, “They are volunteering to me. They are coming in because of the Dobbs decision.”

Not long after the decision by the Supreme Court, certain Planned Parenthood outlets offered men free vasectomies for those who weren’t able to afford the procedure.

Check out more from TheBlaze:

On its website, PP reminds patients that “Obamacare” does not provide coverage for the procedure, noting that many locations operate on a sliding scale when it comes to the operation and may charge less depending on the patient’s income. The organization’s “vasectomy services” page also boasts of an “almost” pain-free procedure; “patients say that it is better than going to the dentist or getting blood drawn!” the page reads.

Dr. Marah Hehemann of the University of Washington and Veterans Affairs also claims an increase in operations, saying more than 50% of recent patients have been men without kids, which “was not the case prior to this summer.”

Seattle outlet KIRO had a conversation with a man named Evan Pulgino, who stated that the Supreme Court decision helped him make up his mind.

“I felt like I had to do something kind of on my end,” he said. “Half the country lost their rights,” the man told another outlet.

“Just thinking about all of my friends this is going to affect made me want to do something,” he added. “The burden of an unplanned pregnancy is two people and I just felt it shouldn’t fall entirely onto women.”

And this is a look inside the insanity being pushed by liberals. Eventually, maybe, they will breed themselves out of existence. Which is obviously an unintended consequence they have yet to ponder.

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