South Korea Forced To Scramble Fighter Jets, Attack Helicopters; Here’s What We Know

South Korea was forced to scramble fighter jets and attack helicopters on Monday after drones from the communist country of North Korea violate the country’s airspace. This is once again a cheap flex of military might by dictator Kim Jong Un. As it turns out, this guy is living proof that “little man syndrome” is an actual thing.

According to the Daily Wire, five drones from North Korea crossed the demilitarized zone, which is the first violation of South Korean airspace in the last five years, according to officials. One of the drones was detected as far south as the northern edge of South Korea’s capitol city, Seoul, the nation’s Joint Chief of Staff stated.

The South Korean military fired warning shots and scrambled fighter jets and attack helicopters after detecting the North Korean drones. The helicopters fired more than 100 rounds at the drones, but officials did not immediately know if any drones were shot down, the AP reported,” the Daily Wire reported.

The story continued, “During the South Korean response, a KA-1 attack plane crashed shortly after taking off, but both pilots ejected from the plane safely. South Korea’s Defense Ministry said there were no reports of damage to civilian property after the incident.”

Two airports located in South Korea delayed planes from taking off for almost an hour as South Korea’s military launched a response to the incursion. The Joint Chiefs said that South Korea also responded to the violation of airspace by sending their own surveillance planes into North Korea to snap pictures of military facilities located in the communist country.

“Our military will thoroughly and resolutely respond to this kind of North Korean provocation,” Maj. Gen. Lee Seung-o, director of operations at the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff, went on to say after the incident.

The Daily Wire wrote, “The latest provocation from North Korea comes nearly three months after the totalitarian country fired a ballistic missile over Japan. The intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) forced Japan to issue a warning for residents to take cover. The missile reportedly continued above the northern part of Japan before crashing into the Pacific Ocean. In response to North Korea’s nuclear stunt, the U.S. and South Korea fired surface-to-surface missiles into the ocean.”

The two allied countries carried on their show of force last month with a joint air training after North Korea conducted a number of ballistic missile launches. The U.S. Air Force also flew B-1B strategic bombers and f-16s alongside the Korean f-35s that were bought from America.

Kim Jong Un and his ilk are determined to pull the world into a major conflict, all because they are under the delusion that they should play a large role on the geopolitical stage. Thing is, they would be more likely to have a bigger part in the world if they weren’t oppressing their people and trying to pull this “tough guy” act.

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