Study Proves Trevor Noah Was Further Left Than Previously Thought

Anyone with a television and a functional brain, in other words no one on the left, already knew that Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah, host of the failing “Daily Show” was one of the biggest unabashed, unashamed lefty loons on television. You didn’t even have to watch the actual show. Just watching the ads for the show revealed Noah’s heavy liberal bias. Recently Blaze Tv host Dave Rubin had some interesting things to say about Noah. Check this out.

On “The Rubin Report,” BlazeTV host Dave Rubin shared new data showing that the liberal bias of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” was even worse than we knew.

“During his seven-year tenure as host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, Trevor Noah brought a reliably liberal bias to the program, a NewsBusters study has found. MRC analysts found that from when Noah began hosting The Daily Show on September 28, 2015 through his final show on December 8, 2022, Noah had on 159 partisan guests, including 109 unique individuals. Of these 159 guests, 137, or 86.16 percent, were Democrats or in some way affiliated with the Democratic Party,” the study reads.

To be clear, there is no problem with Noah and his liberal bias on his Comedy Central show. Everyone knows what the show is about, and who Noah is. No one wanting serious journalism, or serious comedy for that matter watches the Daily Show. It is long removed from the days of Jon Stewart and actual comedy mixed with thought provoking discourse. The Daily Show is essentially Trump era Saturday Night Live, minus the music. Rubin continues by pointing out the difference between his show and the mess being peddled on Comedy Central.

“Now, I want to be clear, I mostly at this point in my career have right-leaning guests on [my show],” Dave said after sharing the study’s findings. “We try to get Democrats on all the time … they don’t generally want to talk. But I’m not hiding what my political bias are like Comedy Central, [which] is thought of as an apolitical network. But everything they gave you, everything they made feel normal, was from a leftist perspective.”

Rubin points out the obvious, at least to anyone that isn’t so far left they can no longer see the middle. As a network Comedy Central has limited their viewership by at least half with their liberal bias. How is that good for business? Apparently, it isn’t as the show has bled viewers under Trevor Noah. The network has been on the decline since the Trump era but is basically the only cable network that offers nothing but (alleged) comedy. perhaps considering the decline in ratings perhaps they should stick to laughs instead of politics.

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