MUST SEE: The Woke Eat Their Own As Buffalo Sportswriter Fired for Remarks

It’s well known that animals in the wild will sometimes eat their own. The rich will as well, and so will the woke crowd. Leftists will devour any leftist that dares speak ill, or out about their leftist cohorts in a manner the woke crowd finds “offensive”. Of course, very often victims of this woke cannibalism are doing little more than stating the obvious or telling the truth, but as well all know, the truth is of little consequence to the left.

Recently a Buffalo sportswriter and avowed leftist named Jerry Sullivan found out the hard way you don’t run afoul of the woke mob, lest you lose your livelihood. Sullivan covered the Buffalo Bills for years and was a respected sports figure in Western New York. That is, until he made the fatal mistake of stating the obvious. Check this out.

Jerry Sullivan, a Buffalo-based sports writer who has covered the Bills for years, has been fired after comments he made about women sports fans on a podcast.

Sullivan appeared on the Buffalo sports-themed podcast’ Trainwreck Tonight’ and during a Q&A session from listeners he told women to “be better.”

“Women, be better than this because the worst fans are really the women,” Sullivan said. “They don’t get critical journalism. They’re all wannabe cheerleaders, you know what I mean? It’s a dangerous avenue to go down to criticize women in general, because they’re better the men, generally. But as a fan, they don’t get it as fans.”

Look, there are many, many knowledgeable female sports fans, so perhaps part of what Sullivan said is a bit off base, but the spirit in which he meant the remark wasn’t necessarily to disparage women. Generally, women sports fans ARE more “rah rah”, and less critical, unlike men who tend to be more analytical. That is just the difference between men and women. There is no harm in saying that women need to be better fans, and Sullivan even notes that he is going down a “dangerous avenue”. I guess he didn’t realize just how dangerous it was.

The day after the clip of Sullivan went somewhat viral on social media, Greater Niagara Sports, which runs the Niagara Gazette, announced that it has decided to “part ways” with Sullivan.

“We do not condone misogynistic, insensitive, or derogatory comments in any form,” the statement read in part.

So, in other words NEVER criticize a “marginalized” group or offer any honest analysis. That has been the overriding theme in sports journalism for some time, and only gets worse every time an analyst criticizes a black quarterback or a female sports figure. It’s a dangerous game and doesn’t lend itself to honest analysis. The ironic part of the story and further proof that the left eats their own is in Sullivan’s Twitter bio, which reads,

Independent journalist. Liberal Democrat. Women’s sports advocate.

Guess that wasn’t enough to stop the Niagra Gazette from adding “unemployed sportswriter” to his bio as well.

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