WATCH: Lefty Loons at Cambridge Redefine Words, Ignore Biology

Things are getting stranger by the day in Joe Biden’s America. Once famously billing themselves the “party of science” the democrats are now the party of fantasy. The lines between reality and make believe are so blurred squinting doesn’t even help. Men are women, words are violence, everything is racist, fat is healthy, free speech is dangerous; need any more examples? America is a snow globe, and the left is an ill-tempered toddler that won’t stop shaking it. As the adults in the room, conservatives are tasked with pointing out the fallacies and absurdities of the left’s arguments. Unfortunately, when Hollywood, most of the sports world, industry, and now academia bows the knee to the woke mob, it becomes harder for rational people to make their point.

We all remember how Joe Biden and his people redefined “recession” several months ago once economic indicators clearly showed we were entering a real recession. Well, now Cambridge has gotten in on the act, redefining two of the simpler, more clear-cut words in the English language. Check this out.

In yet another example of the insanity of modern progressive activism, the Cambridge Dictionary has redefined “man” and “woman.”

Under previous definitions, which were reflective of reality, it said that “woman” meant an “adult female human being.”

Now, woman is any adult who “lives and identifies as female though they may have been said to have a different sex at birth.”

It made the same anti-biology change for “man,” saying it’s “an adult who lives and identifies as a male though they may have had a different sex at birth.”

The insanity runs deep on the left. This all sounds like a skit from a comedy show about some dystopian future where all of reality is hilariously skewed, except it’s 2023, and this is our reality. A man can no more be a woman just because that is what he pretends, any more than my cat can be a dog. In fact, if my cat started barking today, I wouldn’t put him on a leash and enter him into the Westminster dog show, though he clearly would win. Same logic applies to race. Perhaps I feel black today. Can I be eligible for reparations in California? The left is basically the weird kid in the neighborhood that spent the entire summer pretending to be a T-Rex, except now we have to acknowledge that they are in fact dinosaurs. The left took the Shania Twain song “Man, I Feel Like a Woman” to heart and made it their official rallying cry.

The updated dictionary definitions don’t stand up to even the slightest scrutiny.

Male and female are biologically defined terms. No matter what a human being does, they cannot ever change their biological sex.

“Living” as a male or female despite being born a different sex is quite literally a rejection of scientific reality. It’s as impossible as someone deciding to live as a tree, despite being born a human.

We are supposed to trust a party that claims to be about science to fix our climate issues, yet they deny basic biology. Forgive me if I look at climate change with a critical eye. At least until the left admits they are either wrong, or have just been trolling us all along, I’m going to go with what I know.

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