WATCH: Smug Lib Teacher Boasts About Keeping Job Despite ‘Indoctrinating’ Students

A so-called “teacher” from Baltimore, Maryland, took to social media in order to plaster her smug face all over the Internet boasting and bragging about how she’s able to keep her job as an educator despite “indoctrinating” her students with progressive poison while getting paid with taxpayer dollars. Guys, these people are totally disgusting, and they are hellbent on destroying your kids and turning them against you using liberal doctrines designed to transform them into slaves of the state.

According to TheBlaze, the video features Alexa Sciuto, who teaches Spanish at Pine Grove Middle School in the Baltimore County School District, who took to TikTok in order to gloat that her position as a public school teacher is paid for using tax dollars while she dances around like a brain-dead seal and lip syncing “F*** up on your b****.”

One user on TikTok slammed Sciuto after she posted a video decorating her classroom with tons of LGBT + pride material, clearly indicating she has a specific agenda she wants to push down the throats of the kids who pass through her classroom on a daily basis.

The user went on to say, “None of this is what education is supposed to be about. Reading. Writing. Arithmetic. Why are you so f***ing hellbent on indoctrinating our children?”

The teacher fired back by posting a video that was captioned with, “I just got fired for indoctrinating my students.”

But then Sciuto wrote “sike” and remarked she was “still employed.” The teacher danced next to the captions “Y’all will never take me alive,” followed by “put the taxes in the bag.”

The video in question then featured an arrow pointing to a gif of money that said, “your taxes.”

Apparently this nutjob went on to claim that “professionalism is a patriarchal and White supremacist myth.” This is the kind of insanity these people are being taught in college and then passing on to your kids through the public school system. If you needed an additional reason to homeschool, here you go.

“In another TikTok post, Sciuto mocked parents concerned about woke ideology in the public school system,” TheBlaze reported.

“In the video, Sciuto showed the numerous flags in her classroom and sarcastically stated, ‘This is a public school. The LGBT community has gone too far,'” the snot-nosed “educator” snarked.

She then grabbed the Maryland state flag and stated, “What the hell even is this? I can tell you one thing – I do not want my children exposed to whatever this flag represents.”

“Homeschool your kids before it’s too late,” Sciuto continued.


#duet with @scooteredu

♬ original sound –

It seems she’s just a whole lot of hot air and isn’t actually as bold as she claims to be because she deleted her TikTok account on Monday Morning.

“Sciuto posted a Reel to Facebook in October, which was also deleted on Monday, captioned, ‘Public teachers r indoctrinating r kids with new pronouns.’ ‘It’s me!’ Sciuto stated while lip-synching along to a song. ‘I’m the problem,'” TheBlaze said.

The teacher is also, supposedly a stand-up comedian. Unfortunately, it seems she missed the part where you have to actually be funny to be considered a comedian.

Folks don’t let people like this teach your children. Attend meetings. Speak out. Don’t allow progressives to get away with this insanity.

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