White House Cluelessly Calls Twitter Files “Unhealthy” in Desperate Attempt To Downplay Responsibility

It’s been a rough week to be a Democrat in Washington. Aside from being responsible for the complete and utter mess that the country and world are in currently, Dems were revealed last week to be mostly responsible for manipulating social media to get the dry, rotting husk of Joe Biden elected as president. How has that worked out? Not well if you are an average, middle-class American. Since the info dump from Elon Musk via Matt Taibbi that revealed all of the dark, dirty deeds the Democrats did to alter the results of the 2020 election by suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop, the Biden camp has been quiet about the whole issue. Until Monday, that is. Karine Jean-Pierre addressed the scandal from the WH podium and did exactly what most of us thought she would do; she downplayed and blew it off. Check this out.

Elon Musk’s decision to publish internal company files around Twitter’s censorship of media reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop was “not healthy,” the White House said.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said on Monday called the decision a “distraction” and “old news.”

It can be considered old news if you accept that the majority of America knew it was real from the jump and that the Democrats coerced Twitter into censoring the story and anyone that dared to further it. However, the American people need to know what the party in charge did and how they were manipulating the narrative and playing Americans for fools in 2020. That is neither a distraction nor old news.

“What is happening — it’s frankly, it’s not healthy. It won’t do anything to help a single American improve their lives,” she said.

“And so look, we see this as an interesting, you know, coincidence, and you know, it’s a distraction.

“We see this as an interesting, or a coincidence, if I may, that he would so haphazardly — Twitter would so haphazardly push this distraction that is full of old news if you think about it.

Of course, KJP is neither eloquent enough nor skilled enough to plainly lie in a believable fashion as Jen Psaki often did, rather she stutters and stammers Biden style while saying exactly nothing and offering zero in regard to the Democrat’s culpability regarding Twitter and the Hunter Biden laptop. Rather, KJP just hammered the same old talking points about Twitter and how free speech is suddenly “unsafe”

“And at the same time, Twitter is facing very real and very serious questions about the rising volume of anger, hate and anti-Semitism on their platform and how they’re letting it happen.”

Prior to Elon Musk, Twitter was a roiling cesspool of anger and hate mostly aimed at conservatives. It pisses the Democrats off to no end that now conservative voices can be heard, and suddenly Twitter is a hateful, angry place. Talk about twisting a narrative.

What’s happened here is clear. The Democrats are busted, and rather than owning up to their deceit as Twitter has, they choose to run misdirection, hoping the American people will look in the other direction and lose interest. This is the biggest sham in American political history, and it is not going to fade away despite Joe Biden’s best attempts.

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