Bare Shelves Biden Now Working on Raising Your Rent!

Joe Biden has pretty much ruined everything he has touched since taking office in 2021. Prices are up, supply is down, fuel costs are skyrocketing, we are on the verge of WW3, and Joe pooped himself in front of the Pope. Not a very good run, pun intended, so far. Joe and his cohorts spend most of their time denying things are bad and worrying about Donald Trump, but Joe has managed to find another way to screw the middle class. His policies are making sure rent prices increase! Thanks Brandon!

Half of American renters — or 25 million people — now spend more than 30 percent of their pre-tax income on housing amid President Joe Biden’s wage-cutting, rent-spiking welcome for mass migration.

“The national average rent-to-income (RTI) reached 30% for the first time in our 20+ years of tracking history, up 1.5% from year-ago,” said a housing report by the Wall Street firm of Moody’s Analytics.

The Democrats and the communists at the World Economic Forum do not even try to disguise the fact that they want no one to own anything except for the government and the rich and powerful. They want a world full of renters. Unfortunately for the renters we already have, prices are skyrocketing so fast that some people are being driven onto the streets. But what’s causing this? Obviously the Covid moratorium on evictions didn’t help. Property owners still had to pay their bills if they weren’t getting rent, so that has contributed to the rise. However, something more frustrating and avoidable also has happened, thanks to “open-borders-Biden”.

“These trends on wages not keeping up with rents are exactly what anyone with a morsel of common sense knows will happen if immigration levels are too high,” said Andrew Good, at He added:

The American Dream for today’s Americans will only be pushed further out of reach unless we get serious about changing course. It is critically important that we reduce immigration unless we want to [change from] a middle class nation to a nation of renters.”

Since the 1970s, rents have risen in every state as Congress expanded the resident population of immigrants, especially after Congress doubled legal immigration in 1990. That immigrant population has grown from roughly 30 million in 1999 to almost 50 million in early 2023. The inflow raised housing costs just as inflation pumps up gasoline prices.

Rents rose by 8.7 percent in 2021 and 9 percent in 2022 as Biden’s huge inflow of roughly 3 million southern migrants pooled their low incomes to rent houses and apartments.

A nation of renters is exactly what the rich, ruling class wants. One of the most tried and true ways to build wealth, real generational wealth is through real estate. The wealthy want to own everything and have all of the wealth. It’s no coincidence that Biden has opened the borders and now approximately one percent of our population is illegal immigrants. Allowing more people in that are a drain on the system gives the government an excuse to take from you and give to them. It is the first steps in the slow march towards communism, and the left knows exactly how to get there; by making the middle class a nation of renters and keeping poor people dependent on the government. Our rights and America are at stake, and in 2024 we need change to stop the theft of the middle class by the global elites.


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