Biden Administration Mulls Banning Gas Stoves Despite Using One

Monday the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommended thirty-five percent of American homes should get rid of their gas cooking stoves, lest they die. Perhaps that is taking what they are saying slightly out of context, but the implications were almost as bad.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is suggesting that the 35 percent of U.S. homes using gas stoves should get rid of them, Bloomberg said Monday.

You’ll kill your kids, the CPSC says. Or at least give them asthma. And you’ll mess up your lungs, get cardiovascular disease, cancer and more.

“Any option is on the table. Products that can’t be made safe can be banned,” according to CPSC Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr.

That is a strong statement from the CPSC. Are cigarettes being banned? How about steak knives? Perhaps cars? In what is clearly government overreach, the CPSD is seeking to save stupid Americans from themselves, while pushing the leftist agenda of electric everything and renewable energy. Never mind that our feeble grid can barely support what we have. Let’s just throw out all fossil fuels and watch each other freeze next winter as grids crash across the country. Perhaps the solution isn’t to just throw the baby out with the bathwater, even if liberals are in favor of killing them in the womb. No, the solution is more common sense, which is to have better ventilation and safety features to detect leaks and inefficiency. Since it is common sense, it clearly eluded the left.

And there is a question about why the CPSC wants to junk gas stove technology. It’s about the science, of course.

To be fair, a peer-reviewed study claiming 12.7 percent asthma rates in homes with gas stoves does say a solution could be better ventilation, if it’s done right.

But the kicker is the study claims the real answer is — you guessed it — electric.

And since Those Who Know Best are trying to eliminate natural gas for power generation and want all those electric cars hooked up to our shaky power grids, who knows how many windmills and solar panels will be needed to heat up millions of new electric stoves?

That is of course unless you are the rich or elite, like Doctor Jill, Fake-Medicine Woman, or the Obamas, who posted a picture of their fancy new kitchen in their fancy new house prominently featuring a gas stove that probably costs more than most people’s automobiles. Of course, the mantra of the left is “rules for thee, not for me”, so likely these photo discrepancies will be ignored while Jill and Michelle pretend to whip up tasty meals (or oatmeal for Joe) on their deadly gas stoves.

Jill Notini of the appliance trade group: “We may need some behavior change, we may need [people] to turn on their hoods when cooking.”

But the CPSC put it out there — the real solution may be to ban gas stoves.

And without adequate electricity, I guess when we obey and convert to eating bugs like we’re being told, we’ll have to enjoy having our insects cold.

I refuse to eat cold bugs. I will just build a hearth in my house and cook like old Joe did back in Delaware during his childhood. On an open fire. Maybe I will even tan some hides and skin a buffalo or two. Since the loony, liberal left is trying to drive us back to the stone age, might as well get some practice.

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