Biden Teases at Announcement While New Poll Says ‘Not So Fast Joe’ for 2024

Despite failing miserably at most everything he has done, driving the country into a generational recession, staking us to 40-year high inflation and being the proud papa of the worst southern border in our lifetime, Joe Biden is hinting at announcing that he plans to run again in 2024. That would make the already cognitively failing Biden 82 years old on the campaign trail in 2024. Great. After months of speculation, Biden seems to have made the decision while on one of his many vacations over the holidays in the Virgin Islands. Who can blame him? What other job would pay you to spend and estimated forty percent of your work time on vacation?

Multiple sources have told the Hill that the president is getting the details ready to make another White House bid in 2024, and he will be making his intentions known to the public in the coming weeks, which would likely be around the State of the Union, in February.

This should be the shortest State of the Union address ever. ‘It sucks. Good Nite everybody!’ Shortest, most accurate speech ever. We all know Biden will ramble, lie, misread the drive-in movie sized teleprompter and who knows, maybe fall off of the stage! Doubtful that we will get any useful, accurate information, however.

Regardless of when the announcement will be, Biden has been spending time with his family in St. Croix over the holidays and, according to another Hill source, has been using his time to talk to his family about taking steps towards another White House bid.

And with preparations reportedly underway for another announcement, he has still found the time to tease reporters about his intentions and the upcoming presidential election.

Just before the new year, while vacationing in the Virgin Islands with family members, he responded to a question from a reporter about running for reelection in 2024, saying, “There’s an election coming up? … I didn’t know that.”

Sadly, Biden may NOT have known there is an election coming up. Have we mentioned he is 80? The mental decline has been obvious and concerning, considering he is behind the wheel of a nation that is getting precariously close to careening off a cliff. New polling at the end of 2022 showed that voters aren’t very happy about the possibility of Biden running it back for a second term.

A recent Rasmussen Reports survey taken during the last week of the year found that only 33 percent of likely voters in the United States want to see Biden run for a second term in 2024. Most (55 percent) of the poll respondents said they did not want him to run for a second term as president.

Trump was always roundly criticized for ignoring polls, but when Biden does it no one blinks. Most polls over the last year reflect similar sentiments from prospective voters. It’s not that voters don’t want to vote for a democrat, it’s just NOT this particular one. The nation is a dumpster fire, and Joe Biden is the gasoline. He wants to pour four more years on the fire, and sadly by that time there may not be anything left to burn, and China will own the dumpster.



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