CA Mass Shooter Identified: Here’s What We Know So Far

The man suspected of carrying out a mass shooting killing 10 people and leaving 10 others wounded Saturday night in Monterey Park, California has been found dead. Huu Can Tran, 72, was found dead on Sunday of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a white van, which law enforcement officials say fled the scene of the shooting. Why do these mass shooter creeps always take the cowardly way out and kill themselves after they carry out such heinous acts?

If they cannot live with themselves for doing something so horrible, why do it in the first place? We don’t seem to have a lot of answers when it comes to the mental state of these individuals. Apparently, those who are capable of carrying out such work would rather focus on gun control rather than looking at the root of the problem.

According to Fox News, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office stated that there are currently no other suspects at large and as of now, the motive for the shooting is still unknown.

“Five women and five men were left dead in the shooting at the Star Ballroom Dance Studio in Monterey Park and another 10 people were wounded, the sheriff’s office said. The city in which the incident occurred has a large Asian population, and the shooting was carried out during Lunar New Year celebrations,” the report revealed.

“On Sunday, Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna identified Tran as the suspect in the Monterey Park shooting. Authorities discovered Tran dead in the van used to flee the scene of the shooting. A handgun was also found in the van found in Torrance,” Fox News continued.

It’s not known, as of this writing, whether or not Tran was targeting specific individuals or just firing his weapon indiscriminately when the incident started. Tran reportedly tried to carry out an additional shooting in the Lai Lai Ballroom in the city of Alhambra 30 minutes after the first incident, however, several individuals in that location managed to wrestle the handgun away from him before he fled the scene.

Tran’s wife stated in an interview on Sunday that her husband used to give informal dance lessons at the Star Ballroom Dance Studio.

You can already hear the radical left floating the term “assault pistol” around, can’t you? No doubt they are already seizing on this tragedy as a means of demanding more gun control because that’s always their go-to when these situations go down. You know why? Because making it political right off the bat makes them look good to their base of demented voters, who are mostly made up of individuals who were brainwashed by progressive doctrine from the time they were born, all the way through college.

As stated at the beginning, the left never actually tries to get to the bottom of the problem, which is tackling the mental and spiritual health of an individual and examining what might have led them to think that killing innocent people was a good solution for whatever they were going through. That takes time and effort.

Plus, it doesn’t aid them in their quest to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights, so there’s that too.

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