CNN’s CEO Reveals Why There Haven’t Been A Lot Of Big Changes To Programming

Chris Licht, the current CEO of news network CNN stated in an interview this week that the main reason a lot of the big changes promised to pull the outlet back from the radical left into more of an objective, balanced type of reporting is because he can’t make the company’s “core audience” angry. In other words, CNN is hanging on by a string and a prayer — most likely made to Satan or Molech, because they sure aren’t praying to God — as ratings continue their downward trajectory, thus, they have to try and appease the very small audience they have.

Licht, in his interview with the Los Angeles Times, said that he deleted his Twitter account due to being “very focused” on his attempt to restore the company to its former glory and revitalize trust in its brand.

“What we are doing is fundamentally reformatting the network. And it’ll take some time for that to get into a rhythm, and then it’ll take time to market it. And so it will take some time to grow again,” he stated in the interview. “The people I work for understand that we didn’t get here overnight and we’re not going to get out of it overnight.”

According to the Daily Wire, Licht said he’s meeting with “culturally relevant individuals from the worlds of entertainment, sports and comedy who can bring fresh and unique perspectives to the news” as the company is looking to change up its prime time schedule after giving Chris Cuomo his pink slip and moving Don Lemon to the morning lineup.

“I’m casting a wide net to help broaden the appeal of our prime time,” he added. “But at the same time, I can’t offend our core audience of news junkies. I would never do anything that would hurt the brand and reputation that we’re working so hard to restore.”

Licht said that marketing research done for the company demonstrates that the brand has received a fair amount of damage because a large percentage of those in the viewing audience no longer trust it. Which, of course, is the natural consequence of telling lies and spinning leftist narratives at the expense of the truth. CNN has been engaged in that sort of behavior for many years now.

“The 51-year-old claimed that he has tried to extend an olive branch to Republicans to come on to the network after years of Republicans believing that they would ‘not get a fair shake’ if they came on,” the Daily Wire reported.

“We won’t invite you on to score points on you,” Licht stated during the interview. “Come on and have an honest and open discussion about what your vision is for the future of this country, and be prepared to answer respectful, tough questions about that.”

“I spoke to the same number of Democrats and Republicans when I went up there at every level of leadership and basically said that same message. Because it was also: ‘Democrats, don’t come on and expect that you’re just going to get a rubber stamp,’” the CEO added. “We’re going to ask questions that help illuminate whatever we’re talking about for the audience. And it all feeds into the broader strategy of trying not to be cable news. We’re trying to be news on cable. And the difference is cable news is, you would invite people on to have a food fight and that was entertaining. But I think that doesn’t serve society as a whole.”

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