Former President Trump Reveals His Plan To ‘Save American Education’ From ‘Radical Left Maniacs’

Former President Donald Trump revealed his highly detailed and comprehensive education policy platform which seeks to “restore power to American parents,” on Thursday. And there’s little doubt going around that what he wants to do if he’s given another four years in the White House will make leftist heads pop like hot buttered popcorn. It’s a thing of beauty to behold, even if you don’t like Trump all that much. One thing is for sure, he doesn’t cut corners with anyone, remaining unflappable after nearly six or seven years of constant assault by the radical left in this country.

A report from Breitbart says that the plan will cut funding to schools and programs that push a radical leftist agenda such as teaching “Critical Race Theory and gender ideology,” along with seeking to work toward keeping biological males out of the sports of biological females in order to make competition free and fair. It’s a sad day for our culture when these are the most pressing matters facing the country. Boys are male, girls are female. Undisputed facts for millennia until the geniuses of the modern day came along. Ridiculous.

Breitbart then said, “Trump unveiled his ‘plan to save American education’ by noting that ‘[o]ur public schools have been taken over by the radical left maniacs.”

At the top of the list of changes Trump wants to make is a pledge to cut federal funding for any school or program pushing critical race theory, gender ideology, or other inappropriate racial, sexual, or political content onto our children” pointing out that he would direct the “Department[s] of Justice and Education to open civil rights investigations into any school district that has engaged in race-based discrimination.”

The former president then compared “Marxism being preached in our schools” to “an established religion” that goes against the foundational principles of the Judeo-Christian values  that have been woven so deeply into the fabric of western civilization.

“For this reason, my administration will aggressively pursue potential violations of the establishment clause and the free exercise clause of the constitution; that’s very simple,” Trump stated.

The president continued, “Additionally, on day one, we will begin to find and remove the radical zealots and marxists who have infiltrated the federal Department of Education, and that also includes others, and you know who you are, because we are not going to allow anybody to hurt our children. Joe Biden has given these lunatics unchecked power. I will have them fired and escorted from the building, and I will tell Congress that any appropriations bill I sign must reaffirm the president’s ability to remove defiant employees form the job. It’s all about our children.”

“I will veto the sinister effort to weaponize civics education. We will keep men out women’s sports and we will create a new credentialing body that will be the gold standard anywhere in the world to certify teachers who embrace patriotic values, support our way of life, and understand that their job is not to indoctrinate children, but very simply to educate them,” he added.

He also promised that he would reward school districts and states that “abolish teacher tenure from grads K-12,” “cut the bloated number of school administrators,” “Adopt a parental bill of rights,” and also establish that elections put on to choose school principals by parents at the local level with “massive funding preferences and favorable treatment.”

“When I’m president, we will put parents back in charge and give them the final say. We will get back to teaching reading, writing, and math called arithmetic, and we will give our kids the high-quality, pro-American education they deserve,” Trump finished.

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