Greasy Gavin Slashing Spending After Wrecking Budget Surplus in Commiefornia

Failed California Governor Gavin Newsom announced on Tuesday massive cuts with his new budget, as he managed to take a $98 billion surplus and turn it into a $22.5 billion dollar deficit in just one year. Now, as he starts an unbelievable second term, the fat must be cut.

That is an impressive job wrecking California’s budget, but Greasy Gavin didn’t spend ALL of it on hair gel. He wasted and misappropriated funds to the point of running California into a huge deficit.

Newsom announced the deficit in a speech unveiling his proposed 2023-24 budget, which includes $297 billion in spending proposals, an $11 billion decrease from last year. The Democrat acknowledged that the state is “in a very volatile moment … of uncertainty,” which he noted could worsen over the coming months.

The governor dismissed the “old narratives” that Democrats are “profligate” and incapable of “managing budgets,” instead laying the blame on California’s dwindling tax base, which is now roughly half of what it was last year.

Has Newsom taken one minute to wonder why the tax base is shrinking? Could it be that corporations and rich people are sick of being shaken down by the state and their high taxes and suffocating regulations? There are greener pastures in Texas, Tennessee, and Florida, and many businesses and individuals have fled California in search of them. Newsom can argue that the narrative of democrats being unable to manage a budget is untrue as soon as he can manage a budget. Is anyone in California holding their breath? That would actually help the (alleged) rising carbon levels, so perhaps folks in Commiefornia should try it. Save the environment!

It was an atypical speech for Newson, who has a history of dispensing politically advantageous cash. Newsom sent $600 stimulus checks to each Californian, which landed in mailboxes shortly before a 2021 vote to recall him from office. Last year, the governor spent the $100 billion surplus on temporary spending for homelessness, climate, mental health, and other programs. 

Now, just five days into his second term, Newsom is singing a different tune. The governor announced a strategy of spending “delays,” including on mental health, preschool “inclusion” grants, climate programs, and University of California capital investment. His budget also proposes using federal dollars to make up for reductions to the state’s much-touted climate initiatives. 

Everything Newsom has touched has turned to trash, much like the streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles, which are largely unsafe due to trash, needles, and human feces. The homeless crisis in California is out of control and ultimately has affected tourism in the state. Who wants to go and step in street chocolate while they are dodging used needles? Newsom apparently wants to throw more money at the problem and hope it goes away. Unfortunately, the state doesn’t have the money, so in typical Democrat fashion, they will just deficit spend.

Newsom is also maintaining billions in homelessness spending and won’t delay plans to roll out health coverage for illegal immigrants. 

“People are dying on the streets all across the state,” he said. “The encampments, we’ve got to clean them up, we’ve got to take responsibility, more accountability, and more transparency. There’s never been more resources, ever, period, full stop, including with this budget.” The governor pledged not to raise taxes to pay for these programs or cover the deficit.

Newsom famously distributed free tents a couple of years ago to the homeless population. Nothing encourages a person to get a job and off the streets like a free tent! Since the financial situation isn’t dire enough, Newsom is also pledging free healthcare for people that shouldn’t be here. Instead of discouraging illegal immigration, California has hung the “welcome” sign, and California’s residents, those left anyway, are paying for it. Folks, this man wants to be president. Think about that for a minute. The Democrats love to fail upwards (Joe Biden), but Greasy Gavin Newsom cannot be allowed to bring his unique brand of failure to Washington, or we will all be in over our heads.

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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