Has Beyoncé Betrayed Her Fans With Latest Act of Hypocrisy?

Beyoncé is one of the most famous performers on the planet. The 41-year-old pop icon and wife of rapper/gangster Jay Z has also been an outspoken advocate for the lgbtq air force and in particular the black queer community. However, her latest cash grab has proven to many of her fans that she is more interested in money than the supposed marginalized community she panders to. She recently did a private show in Dubai, her first performance in five years. Dubai, of course, also has staunch anti-gay and trans laws, some punishable by death. Wait, what? Turns out money not only talks, but it sings too! Check this out.

Last summer, she dedicated her album, “Renaissance,” to her gay uncle. She says “black queer icons” inspired her to produce music. The Washington Post praised her for her support of “black queer culture.”

Yet away from the U.S., Beyoncé is hardly as virtuous.

She earned a reported $24 million for a private concert in Dubai on Saturday at the luxury hotel Atlantis The Royal.

In the UAE, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons face prosecution under public decency laws for acts such as cross-dressing and kissing in public.

Homosexuality is illegal there. And same-sex sexual activity is punishable by death.

Bit of a disconnect there, no? The singer is a staunch supporter of gay rights until she has a chance to cash a 24-million-dollar check, then it’s basically to heck with them. One would think Knowles would already have enough money considering she is valued at more than 500 million. Perhaps she is stacking cash for a rainy day. After all, we do still have two more years of Joe Biden coming. It’s not unusual for American entertainers, corporations, and sports leagues to talk or sing out of both sides of their mouths. When it comes to the UAE or China, the money is way more important than gay rights. The NBA is staging games in the UAE and has deep ties to China, Disney threw a hissy fit over the mislabeled “don’t say gay” bill in Florida yet removed a scene from a movie recently on behest of the Chinese government. The hypocrisy runs as deep as the pockets at these fake woke corporations.

So while US-based CEOs tell American consumers that they are LGBTQIA+ advocates, they are leading other countries to believe the opposite. These corporations will promote whichever belief is financially advantageous at a given time, no matter the hypocrisy or the inconsistency.

This time, at least with respect to Beyoncé her fans are asking for an explanation.

Fox News reported on the growing list of fans and LGBTQ advocates angry with the Queen, with group leaders calling her performance “disappointing.” Others demand she explains her decision.

“idk, if I already had $500 million, I don’t think an additional $35 million would be enough money for me to go perform the album I dedicated to my gay uncle in a country where being gay is still punishable by death,” said Inside Hook Managing Editor Bonnie Stiernberg.

Here’s an explanation; Beyoncé doesn’t care about lgbtq rights. Neither does Disney, or the NBA, or Pfizer, or Uber, or any of the woke corporations that pretend to champion the cause. They care about money, because money is why they do what they do. We have been fooled, some of us at least, into thinking woke culture and social justice are a real thing. It’s only real until it starts to cut into the profits. Beyoncé is no different. That is a lot of money, and her people can spin the reason she was there while her fans forgive her. Business as usual for the hypocritical left.

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