Has DC Comics Finally Gone Too Far?

DC Comics have gone off the rails with the furthering of the woke movement. The introduction of openly gay and queer characters and the shift to storylines that include climate change and racial inequity, while appeasing the small percentage of the population it caters too, has generally not been well received by DC fane worldwide. The loss of sales and popularity reflect that, but that doesn’t stop the comic from continuing to push the boundaries.

Comic books are a very niche market in 2023 and aren’t exactly marketed to children anymore. It can be argued that comic books are a dead medium outside of the hardcore collectors that emerge from their mother’s basement when they need to pick up the latest copy of whatever they collect. Has DC damaged their brand with their latest angle? Arguably their brand has been damaged enough with the announcement of a gay Superman, (Man of Steel, am I right?), but with what they most recently unveiled, some folks on social media have had enough.

Critics of DC Comics are accusing the comic book company of going “woke” over a new storyline where Joker, a Batman villain, gets pregnant and gives birth.

The online furor broke out when critics began circulating a panel of the pregnant Joker from the current issue of “The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing.”

Holy gender dysphoria, Batman! What in the name of Frank Goshen is going on here? If any member of the Batman universe would come out as gay or get pregnant, I had pegged Robin. However, is the storyline what it looks like? Is it an insidious plot to indoctrinate the three kids that still read comic books?

The panel shows the Joker discovering he is pregnant. Many took the panel to mean that DC Comics was promoting the idea that men could get pregnant, a mainstay of the LGBTQ agenda that equates transgender women to biological women.

The storyline, however, does not make Joker a transgender person but instead the victim of magic. The villain asks Zatanna, a comic heroine, to have a family with him, but she instead puts him under a magic spell that makes him pregnant. When he tries to give birth, he instead vomits out a pile of clay that morphs into a child with his appearance.

It appears that they storyline, while incredibly stupid isn’t a direct effort to promote the lgbtq air force or any of the anti-science kooks that maintain men can be pregnant. Turns out, it’s just an incredibly dumb storyline that appears relevant to incredibly dumb people considering we live in an incredibly dumb time. A perfect storm of stupidity, to be honest.

Not all readers were outraged at the storyline. Some pointed out that the storyline was not meant to be in the main canon of the character, but from an alternate universe. Others said the tone of the comic was meant to be in line with those of the Silver Age of comics, which came between the years of 1956 and 1970 and which featured very weird elements of fantasy.

As stated before, comic books are outdated, incredibly niche, and obviously running out of ideas. A Joker that is pregnant with a mud monster that he vomits into a child that he subsequently adopts as his own just illustrates the massive number of drugs that must be getting ingested by the artists and writers. Either way, the DC Universe gets a pass on this one, at least from the pregnant Joker angle. Turns out it isn’t a political statement like gay Superman, it’s just stupid.

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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