Megyn Kelly Pours On The Fake Tears In Epic Mockery Of Prince Harry: ‘We’re Sick Of It!’

Podcast host Megyn Kelley really tore into Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle over their newly published and released memoir titled, “Spare,” which officially hit store shelves worldwide on Tuesday. As if the world hasn’t been punished enough by the two self-entitled brats already, now we have to see their mugs at our most sacred places: bookstores and libraries.

We really must be a nation under judgment to have earned such misery. There’s no other explanation for why God would allow this travesty to happen.

Kelly, who has made it clear she is not at all a fan of the royal ex-pats, laid out a series of things she thinks Harry and Meghan have done wrong, and for which they owe a number of people apologies.

“Here’s just a couple, off the top of my head, all right?” Kelly kicked things off, taking on that responsibility all by her lonesome.

Kelly started by calling Markle a “bully,” and cited reports from individuals who worked closely with her who had said that she was emotionally abusive to her staff members. A palace aide revealed that the then-Duchess of Sussex’s behavior was “more like emotional cruelty and manipulation, which I guess could also be called bullying.”

“The reports were so pervasive that Buckingham Palace eventually opened an investigation into the allegations — but once the investigation was completed in June of 2022, the results were kept private. According to royal author Katie Nicholl, the main reason was that the Queen ‘didn’t want any more drama,'” the Daily Wire reported.

“One of the other people that she apparently made cry was Princess Kate,” Kelly added. “She told Oprah that Kate made her cry, but we now know from your own book, Harry, that it was Meghan calling Kate ‘a baby brain, it’s your baby brain’ after she gave birth to her third child. That has a tendency to make people not like you, when you have the nerve to comment on their hormones after they just had a baby when you barely know them.”

Kelly then referred to Markle as a “brat,” which is an absolutely fitting moniker, explaining that the former royal had caused quite a scene when she didn’t get to have the tiara she wanted, among many other petty issues. The podcast host then discussed how Markle cut folks out of her life, her own family members, after they threw their support behind her rise to the top.

She then changed her sights over to Harry and slammed him for whining about the media coverage he and his blushing bride received in the press.

“Forget the lawsuits, though, it’s your whiny statements about the nasty press,” Kelly went on to say, breaking into a fake tearful voice as she continued. “You don’t think George Clooney’s had negative things written about him? Tom Cruise never had negative things written about — he doesn’t use his speeches or his media appearances to whine about the mean media they say the things that aren’t true — we’re sick of it! Shut up about your negative press coverage.”

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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