Mexican President Praises Biden Over Border Wall

In a move that should shock no one, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador thanked and praised Joe Biden and the way he has dealt with the border wall issue in particular. What has Biden done besides refuse to build the border wall, allow drugs and human trafficking, and burden our system with illegal immigrants? Well, nothing and that would appear to be the Mexican President’s point.

Under Joe Biden, there were more illegal crossings in one year than in the four combined under President Trump. That is disgraceful, and intentional. Biden halted wall construction and diverted funding for the building, leaving raw materials left to sit and go to waste. The Mexican President is clearly happy because the wide-open border situation alleviates some of the migrant problem Mexico faces from travel through their country to our sieve of a border.

Alongside Biden and Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, AMLO praised Biden’s immediate halt to border wall construction along the southern border. The day after taking office, Biden signed an executive order that stopped all wall construction that had been underway by former President Trump.

Any time you have a slimy, socialist weasel like Canada’s Justin Trudeau by your side, you know you have messed up. Trudeau has flexed his totalitarian ways through covid and has oppressed Canadians at every turn for his political pleasure. He also doesn’t have the burden of millions of people wanting into his country. Who would want to live in Canada? It’s surprising that there isn’t a flood of migrants at our Northern border. Aside from that, have you ever tried to get into Canada? They actually have a strong southern border, unlike open-borders-Biden.

“You, President Biden, you are the first president of the United States in a very long time that has not built, not even one meter, of wall,” AMLO said during remarks at the summit. “In that, we thank you for that sir. Although some might not like it, although the conservatives don’t like it.”

This of course isn’t true, as Biden has ordered the completion of border wall in some places and repair in numerous others. However, the administration has managed to run misdirection and distract Americans so he could have it done on the sly.

Indeed, as Breitbart News has chronicled, the Biden administration has chosen to leave wide holes in the border wall, rendering the barrier useless in many circumstances for Border Patrol agents trying to reduce illegal immigration from Mexico.

Instead, the Biden administration has spent previously-allocated border wall funds on “environmental remediation” projects, even as some 2.6 million border crossers and illegal aliens are projected to be apprehended this year.

While rejecting the benefits of a border wall to stop illegal immigration into the U.S., Biden is spending nearly half a million dollars in taxpayer money to build a security fence around his vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Only in America could one party castigate the other for being in favor of a wall to protect our country, then turn a blind eye while the president BUILDS A WALL around his vacation home, using taxpayer money. Liberals are out of touch, out of control, and should be out of Washington, hopefully with a bill from a contractor to pay the American people back for his racist house wall. Luckily for Joe he will have plenty of Ukrainian money to cover it with.

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