Microsoft Hits Sour Note With Pop Star a Day Before Announcing Mass Layoffs

In a tone-deaf move rivaled only by Dunder Mifflin driving Michael Scott in a limousine to a meeting to discuss downsizing, Microsoft said, “hold my mouse” and had washed up pop star and former Police member Sting perform a private show for about 50 executives. It isn’t uncommon for corporate giants to treat their executives to some well-deserved private entertainment, but in this case perhaps Microsoft should have paid Sting out quietly and cancelled. Or maybe they could have booked someone cheaper like Puddle of Mudd. They probably play for free. So, why was this tone-deaf? Well, it wasn’t Stings insistence on ruining all of his songs by playing a lute, (terrible) but was Microsoft’s announcement the next day that they were laying off 10,000 members of their work force. What in the name of Dwight K Schrute is going on here? Check this out.

If ever there was a bad time to hold a private Sting concert, Microsoft top-brass found it.

Some of the company’s top executives were in Davos, Switzerland which is playing host to the World Economic Forum.

So, the company thought this would be a fitting occasion to pony up enough bread to book Sting for a private show that was only open to about 50 people.

There’s nothing terribly wrong with that unless the next day you announce plans to lay off as many as 10,000 employees.

Layoffs happen, that is just a fact of life. They are even more likely to happen when you have a clueless buffoon like Joe Biden in the White House trying to ruin the economy. Considering that Sting likely doesn’t come cheap, especially considering he is on the last leg of his career and is in stacking-cash mode like old rock stars often do, perhaps they should have noted the awkward timing and acted accordingly. Nah, Microsoft doesn’t care. Rock on!

Microsoft is by no means the only tech company to announce layoffs. Amazon has also announced that 18,000 layoffs are on the way. Just this week, Vox announced that it was cutting 7% of its workforce which included most of their SB Nation NHL sites.

How do we know the economy is a sinking ship? Amazon laying off is one good way. The retail giant doesn’t have the burden of brick-and-mortar stores but is still feeling the effects of a consumer base that is holding onto whatever extra cash they might be lucky enough to have. People may be finally waking up and realizing that voting has consequences and if they have any extra money, they probably shouldn’t be cruising Amazon.  That shouldn’t be the case with Microsoft, but perhaps Bill Gates is busy spending all of his money buying up premium ranch land with no intention of using it? After all, all of those cow farts are destroying the planet. They don’t smell very good either.  Whatever the case, Microsoft couldn’t look worse with the poorly timed private rock show. Their products are already junk, and their once good name isn’t any better. Even Sting can’t help that. Perhaps they should ask Michael Scott for his business advice, couldn’t get any worse.


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