Months After Telling Republicans In NY To ‘Head Down To Florida Where You Belong,’ Gov. Hochul Struggles To Stop People From Leaving

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, a raging Democrat, in her New Year’s Day Inaugural speech took an opportunity to tackle one of the biggest issues her state is currently facing: the mass exodus of individuals from New York to get away from the horrific consequences of incredibly stupid left-wing policies.

Can you blame them for wanting to leave? Look at the economic situation in New York. Heck, look at it across the nation. Democratic Party policies have spiked inflation, raised fuel prices, and completely destroyed the progress made under former President Donald Trump. And we were just starting to get back on track.

What’s really hilarious about this exodus from New York is that back in August, according to a report from TheBlaze, Hochul suggested that her political opponents, which included Rep. Lee Zeldin, should “just jump on a bus and head down to Florida where you belong, OK? You are not New Yorkers.”

Hey, people are just being courteous and doing what Hochul asked them to do. Guess she ought to think before speaking.

“Many people over the last months and years have taken exactly this advice, fleeing New York’s oppressive, anti-business climate and crime rates for the greener pastures of Florida and other states. According to the Census Bureau, New York had the highest population decline of any state in the union in 2022, while Florida had the highest rate of population growth,” TheBlaze said.

Hochul whined about the current number of folks leaving the state in her speech, going on to say, “We must and will make our state safe … we have to make our state more affordable … And we must reverse the trend of people leaving our state in search of lower costs and opportunities elsewhere.”

“In recent years, there have been many reasons for New Yorkers to leave the state, including some of the harshest coronavirus pandemic response measures in the country (responses which severely damaged New York’s economy but did not slow the spread of COVID-19 in the state), high corporate and personal tax rates, its regularly poor ratings in personal and business freedom, and the disastrous tenure of former New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, which saw many New Yorkers flee the city in particular,” the report continued.

“Hochul’s speech did not promise to address or reverse any of these decisions, nor did it admit that Democrats may have erred in implementing any of these policies. Hochul has also faced opposition from within her own party on her attempts to bring down New York’s crime rate. Hochul wanted significant changes to New York’s controversial bail reform law this year, but faced withering opposition from Democrats in the legislature, in spite of pleas from New York City mayor Eric Adams, who pushed for the bill. Ultimately, some of her reforms made it through the state’s budget proposal, but neither they nor anything else have effectively stopped the exodus from New York to greener pastures in the United States,” the report concluded.

It seems liberals still aren’t getting the message. Most people in the United States are not die hard, extreme left-wing progressives. They are mostly independent thinkers, centrists, who still hold to many of the founding ideals — at least to some degree — and are sick of seeing Democrats run the country into the ground.

Policies enacted by liberals like Hochul have led to skyrocketing crime rates, as soft-on-crime philosophies embolden criminals on the street, taking away the fear of negative consequences if they engage in unlawful activity. Why would anyone want to live somewhere that protects criminals from reaping the consequences for their actions?

Unfortunately for common Americans, cities are progressive cell pools where the cockroaches have congregated in such large numbers it’s almost impossible to vote in anyone who will produce real, effective change instead of continuing the failing policies already in place.

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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