More Historic Sites Getting Government Mandated Name Changes in Name of Wokeness

The United States government has struck another blow against sanity in the name of wokeness. In a series of name changes almost no one wanted, the government has changed the name of a series of site so as to not offend people that probably weren’t offended to begin with. The ‘Derogatory Geographic Names Task Force’ identified the names to be changed because they perpetuate “oppression,”. More problem solving where problems didn’t exist by our government.

“Our nation’s lands and waters should be places to celebrate the outdoors and our shared cultural heritage — not to perpetuate the legacies of oppression,” said U.S. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland in in 2021.

Five different sites were recently changed due to the term “squaw,” which is alleged to be a racist term. However, the term also comes from the Algonquin language and originally meant “woman” in that dialect, according to TimCast.

Show of hands from the people that even knew “squaw” was offensive? I guess that explains why there are always picketing groups of Native Americans, rallying against offensive language. Except of course that has never happened. after all of the shady business our government perpetrated against Native Americans, changing a few names doesn’t even begin to make amends.

“Words matter, particularly in our work to ensure our nation’s public lands and waters are accessible and welcoming to people of all backgrounds,” said Haaland. “I am grateful to the members of the Derogatory Geographic Names Task Force and the Board on Geographic Names for their efforts to finalize the removal of this harmful word,” the interior secretary added.

In a presidency marked by deep political division, an eroding middle class, a war on domestic energy, high inflation and economic instability worldwide caused by Joe Bidens failed policies, at least we are making positive changes on important issues, like not offending the eighteen Native Americans we have left.

At least one of the name changes has come with outcry from the local population; Squaw Gap in North Dakota, renamed Homesteaders Gap, saw debate from a local newspaper that claimed the name came from “a local rock formation said to resemble an Indian squaw carrying a papoose, and its location in a gap in a hill.”

NBC News noted that a member of the McKenzie County Board of Commissioners said that many residents were in strong opposition to the name change.

In September 2022, Wisconsin state officials changed the names of 28 bodies of water and sites that used the same word.

Wokeness is a mind virus far more contagious and dangerous than anything China has to offer, and too many of our blue states in particular are seeing it burn through their populace. For what? To feel better about themselves like changing the name of a town or a lake or a river means anything. How about focusing on making American lives, including Native American lives better with something meaningful, like lower energy costs, and lower food prices, and safer streets.

That same month, government officials announced some of the new name changes they had come up with, including Echo Peak, Texas, and No Name Island, Maine.

Perhaps we can just assign numerical value, or call places by a color, except of course there would be no place with “white” in the name. That would be white privilege. While the economy and country burn and smolder, at least we won’t have to be offended by words as much moving forward. Thanks Democrats!


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