NYPD Machete Attack Suspect Was On FBI Terror Watch List, Family Claims He Was Radicalized

The 19-year-old male suspect reportedly involved in a violent machete attack against police officers on New Year’s Eve in New York City was, according to the Daily Wire, placed on an FBI terror watchlist due to radical Islamic views that he held to. This is the kind of thing the left in this country doesn’t want you to talk about. Censorship is geared toward silencing the truth that not all cultures and religions are equally good, which is an obvious reality to anyone who see the real world before their eyes.

According to local authorities, the teen, who hailed from Wells, Maine, assaulted three law enforcement officers near Time Square on Saturday night around 10:11 p.m., with a machete, striking two of the officers in the head. The report says that the suspect was actually put on the FBI terror watchlist after his aunt reported that he had been radicalized online and had expressed a desire to go overseas and join up with Islamic terror groups.

“Authorities are investigating whether the attack was inspired by radical Islamic extremism, CBS News reported. Police believe the teenage suspect traveled via Amtrak from Maine to New York earlier last week, and sources told CBS that the NYPD was not aware the suspect was placed on an FBI terror watchlist,” the Daily Wire said.

The suspect was subdued after he was shot in the shoulder by one of the officers he had attacked. All three NYPD officers were taken to a hospital and have since been released. The suspect was also taken to a hospital for treatment and is expected to survive his injuries,” the report continued. “One officer, identified as an eight-year veteran, sustained a laceration to the head. Another, who graduated from the police academy on Friday, suffered a skull fracture and large laceration, NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell said.”

Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams stated that he talked to one of the officers injured in the attack while he was being treated. The mayor stated that the officer was in “good spirits” and “understood that his role saved lives of New Yorkers today.”

The FBI is now providing assistance for the NYPD in their investigation of the situation.

Part of the reason for this kind of behavior is that young men today feel as if they have been castrated by our very feminine-centric culture. They do not believe they have a place in our modern society where they can freely express their masculinity — true masculinity, not “bro culture” — which consists of a drive to create, to conquer, to lead, to build. Men are often told that men and women are equal in every way and that it would be better if women were in control or in positions of leadership.

Men on television are played off as stupid, ignorant, and completely incapable of taking care of themselves or their families. It’s all up to women. Women are the heroes of the story. After constantly being beaten down, denied your place in the world, and told that your natural masculine drive is “toxic,” men become disenfranchised, thus making them vulnerable to being convinced by dangerous people like those belonging to terrorist groups, who encourage all of those masculine qualities, but rather than using them as they were intended, to build culture and society and participate in innovation, those traits are used to destroy and kill.

If you want to make this sort of thing a rare occurrence, a good place to start would be to stop trashing young men.

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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