San Francisco Karen Videos Herself Losing Marbles Over Ambulance in Bike Lane

The name “Karen” has become synonymous with middle aged women, mostly white, showing themselves in all manner of scenarios. Perhaps it isn’t fair to simply say it is middle aged white women, but if viral videos teach us anything, it’s that you better not cross a 40-year-old soccer mom in the check-out line at Target. You might get shanked. The puzzling part is why these “ladies” put their bad behavior on display for the world to see, via video. What ever happened to just storming into the kitchen of a Red Lobster and challenging the manager to a fistfight? (True story, my aunt). Be that as it may, we should be thankful for these wonderful women and their lack of temper control and all of the laughs they give us. Unless of course you happen to have parked your ambulance in the bike lane in San Francisco. In that case you might need to call a separate ‘wah-mbulance” for the most recent Karen caught on video. Check this out.

A bicyclist in San Francisco is likely regretting some of her social media activity after a video she posted of herself on Twitter went viral for all the wrong reasons.

According to KTVU-TV in San Fran, the video was originally posted by a twitter user with the handle @drivingmzstacey, who has since made their Twitter feed private, likely in response to the overwhelmingly negative reaction her video has garnered.

In the video, the user can be heard hysterically berating an EMT who was behind the wheel of the ambulance, “Get out of the bike lane!… You’re killing us! Get out of the bike lane!”

I think Karen is succinct in saying she is losing her “expletive deleted” mind. The nerve of that San Franciso first responder to park in the bike lane and finish paperwork and inconvenience our Karen. Or just maybe here is a little helpful advice for Karen; get a car! if you don’t like riding a bike in the rain, be a grown up and drive a car. You aren’t (presumably) 13 years old. It’s time to cinch up your big girl panties and joint the 21st century and drive a damn car. The best part is when our heroin dramatically exclaims “you’re killing us”! I’m curious as to the number of bike lane fatalities each year in San Francisco. I’ll tell you who is killing who Karen, you are killing us with laughter!

The brave first responder and the department handled the entire incident with professionalism and class despite the abusive language and craziness our Karen was putting on display.

The woman in question, a 51-year-old who admitted she sounded a little crazy, actually defended her actions before making her social media accounts private.

According to the Daily Mail, the woman who filmed the interaction was 51-year-old Stacey Randecker, who admitted that she sounded “crazy” during the video, but defended her actions. “I know that it sounded it crazy. I really admit I had lost it. But I don’t think people understand what it’s like. You’re on a bike, in the rain, and the one path that you have is blocked over and over again in such a short amount of time,”

Well, I bet Stacey is a real fun hang. To be fair, anyone at that age wearing a bike helmet and peddling around town on their Huffy is a no go where I’m concerned. Stacey lives in San Franciso where it rains one hundred percent of the time (seemingly) and still prefers two wheels to a more adult alternative. Thankfully our Karen didn’t die this time and the naughty first responder moved across the street to do her unimportant work so Karen could get home in time to watch The View, or whatever Karen’s do. I don’t think I want to know.

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