Singer Billie Eilish Says Climate Anxiety Makes Her Want To Barf, But Here’s What She’s Not Going To Do

Smash pop singing sensation Billie Eilish says that her deep terror and anxiety over climate changes makes her feel like she’s going to puke her guts out, but freely admits she has no plans to stop selling her merchandise and traveling all over the world in jet airplanes. Of course she’s not. Her livelihood, which is quite substantial, requires her to do both of those things. In other words, money matters more than the environment to her.

Hey, at least she’s honest about it.

According to a report published by Breitbart News, the 21-year-old superstar conducted an interview with Vogue saying she suffers from “climate anxiety” and doesn’t believe the world is taking enough action to solve the problem, which every ten years, leftists claim is only ten years away. That’s because these “scientists” are really grifters in disguise.

“The ‘Happier Than Ever’ singer said she is often left wringing her hands and feeling upset. ‘It makes me want to barf all over the floor,’ Eilish told the magazine. ‘We all wish that we could just do it ourselves. I wish I could just make changes in my life and save the world alone,'” the report revealed.

This sounds really, really insincere, don’t you think? It seems to me that Eilish knows the things she has to say in order to please the woke lunatics in the culture and is serving it up piping hot so they stay off her case while she’s living her life and working on her career.

Later in the same interview, Eilish herself admitted that she does not practice what she preaches concerning climate change.

“I shouldn’t be making any products. I shouldn’t be selling anything. It’s just more shit to go into the landfill one day. I know that,” she confessed. “But no one’s going to stop wearing clothes. No one’s going to stop making stuff. So I just do it in the best way I possibly can.”

Then, of course, there’s the massive amount of air travel the pop star uses, which she claims to hate. However, she says that her other forms of activism — you can’t just be a singer or actor anymore, you also have to be engaged in activism of some sort — that she tries to shove down the throats of her listeners makes up for her failure to live consistently with her own beliefs.

“Grow my own food and live off the grid. Erase my carbon footprint,” she went on to say. “All that does is erase me. When really, if every single person just did half of what they should do, we could fix this.”

Now, despite the fact she admitted to not really doing her part to save the planet, if anyone else dares to follow in her (carbon) footprint, they are a “bad person.”

“I’m still not shoving information down people’s throats,” she said in the interview with Vogue. “I’m more like, I’m not going to tell you what to do. I’m just going to tell you why I do this… But you’re also a bad person if you don’t do it.”

“In fact, the left-wing Environmental Media Association honored Eilish with an environmentalist activist award last year for her efforts to flog climate change. This, despite the fact that her carbon footprint is many hundreds of times bigger than any average American’s with her multiple properties and constant jet travel,” Breitbart reported.

It’s bad enough Eilish is into this environmental garbage, but she also supports the murder of pre-born children too. What a shame.

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