Tarantino Blasts PC Culture, Says He Would Make Most Controversial Movie Again

Love or hate Quentin Tarantino, one thing is for certain; the man has some meaty clackers, at least in relation to his work. Tarantino has made some of the more polarizing movies in recent memory, and now an interview on the Howard Stern Show is once again making the rounds, and we are reminded that Quentin just doesn’t give a rat’s ass about PC culture. He isn’t just going for shock value like the commie Stern, Tarantino actually raises important points that have been overlooked in the left’s zeal to censor EVERYTHING. Check this out.

Pushback against the legendary director and screenwriter has increased relative to the rise of outrage culture. Despite all the criticisms of his movies, Tarantino would make them all over again if he had the chance, no matter the difference in the political climate.

A video of Tarantino’s sit-down with Howard Stern from 2021 made the rounds on Thursday, with a swell of support building for Tarantino after stating that people (especially filmmakers) have to possess the cajones to make impactful or controversial movies, regardless of the ephemeral outrage that may come with it.

When asked if he could still make Django Unchained (2012) today — a movie centered on a black slave played by Jamie Foxx as the protagonist, which many deemed problematic — Tarantino said it’s certainly possible.

Truth be told, I’ve never seen Django, and from the reactions I get when I say that I may be the only one left. Apparently, the movie, set around Civil War times, liberally uses a nuclear word that is fine in rap music, and you might hear on the street between black people, but Tarantino is white, so you see the problem? Except what is the problem? A period piece needs to reflect the period, and unfortunately white people were terrible during that particular period. We now see period pieces set in the Victorian era featuring black people, Asians, lgbtq and whatever the flavor of the day for the woke left is. Tarantino sees no issue with being true to the era and his art, and Hollywood needs more of that and less of the lefts woke agenda.

Stern asked, “Can you even make Django Unchained today? I don’t even think you co-“

“Yeah! I could!” Tarantino sharply responded.

Stern added, “I don’t know, the political correctness now. It’s just brutal.”

Tarantino went on to say:

“Yeah, we had bad think pieces, but bad think pieces are actually good. That means your movie is about something. That means that they’re having a conversation about your movie. That means that you’re part of the zeitgeist.

“Now you have to have the balls and the shoulders to handle those bad pieces. There’s usually good reviews that go along with it. And now when it’s over, no one remembers those f***ing pieces, but they remember the conversation.”

The director makes valid points. Movies are intended to entertain, yes, but the best ones should make you continue to think and discuss weeks and years later. It isn’t about making sure delicate flowers from allegedly marginalized communities aren’t butt-hurt, it’s about trying to spark conversation and make people think. Hollywood needs more directors with jewels like Tarantino’s.

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