The Dark Arts Invade Catholic School: ‘Witches’ Hand Students Magic Crystals, Counselor Booted For Inviting Wiccans

A counselor was recently fired from a Catholic high school located in Pennsylvania after she invited three Wiccan “witches” to come and talk with her students. I mean, really? The Bible clearly condemns witchcraft. And for good reason. Dark, demonic forces sincerely do exist in our world. Lots don’t believe it, but their unbelief does not alter the truth in the slightest. Just look at the culture we live in, where people actually celebrate the dismemberment of the pre-born and will go to any lengths to defend the practice.

A report from TheBlaze says the presentation, which was supposed to be focusing on the topic of starting a small business, soon went “off the rails” after the self-proclaimed witches provided the students with what they called magical “crystals,” KDKA-TV stated in their coverage of the incident.

“The witches told the news outlet that the North Catholic High School counselor invited the women to talk to a marketing class of junior and senior students about being ‘female entrepreneurs.’ The three women own Elemental Magick, a ‘metaphysical’ business that sells crystals with magical properties, incense, candles, and books,” the report continued.

“According to the women, just before Christmas break, they were invited to speak at the school because one of them was formerly a ‘sorority sister’ with the counselor who extended the invite,” TheBlaze continued. “In a Thursday Facebook post, the women explained that they provided students with crystals to act as ‘icebreakers’ because they thought the teenagers would like them. After discussing the challenges of starting their business, they hoped to share each rock’s ‘metaphysical properties’ with the students.”

These women are attempting to make this all sound innocuous, but that’s just not true. Witchcraft poses a serious danger to a person’s soul and often invites demonic activity into their lives. Pretty sure given how difficult life already tends to be, the last thing anyone really wants is for a gaggle of demons to pop up and start making trouble.

Tabitha Latshaw, one of the witches in question, provided an explanation, saying she was not aware that the alleged magical properties of the crystals would be “an offense to the Church.”

Latshaw went on to tell KDKA, “God made these [crystals]. They come from the earth. That’s all I can say.”

“We worship as Wiccans,” she continued. “We worship nature. So our elements, earth, air, water and fire, that’s what we worship.”

The Bible, in the first chapter of the book of Romans, discusses how mankind often worships the creation rather than the Creator. Latshaw’s comment is a literal example of participating in something that God forbids. And that is in the New Testament, for all of those folks who don’t think the Old Testament has any relevance to today’s world (it does).

“Michelle Peduto, secretary for North Catholic High School, told the news outlet that the witches’ visit went ‘off the rails’ when students became uneasy about the crystals’ supposed magical properties and reported the incident ‘directly to the administrators,'” TheBlaze reported.

TheBlaze then said, “The school conducted an investigation over the winter break and sent an email apology to students’ parents. School officials advised the students to dispose of the crystals and recite a prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel to cleanse their homes.”

Peduto then made it clear that crystals connected with witchcraft have no place at a Catholic school, nor inside a Christian Catholic home.

“It is because as we know our faith is in Jesus Christ and not in objects necessarily,” Peduto stated in his explanation. “Rosary beads? Yes. But crystals? No.”

Peduto then revealed that as a result of the incident, the counselor is no longer employed by the school.

“We followed our process and protocol and as of today, actually, a few days, she’s not with the school anymore,” Peduto stated during the interview with KDKA.

“The counselor told KDKA that she was placed on administrative leave and given the option to resign. She insisted that she had no intention of pushing Wiccan beliefs on the students,” the report revealed.

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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