17-Year-Old Offers 14-Year-Old A Ride Home In The Cold; It Was The Last Thing He’d Ever Do

A 14-year-old Michigan boy has officially been charged as an adult in the suspected shooting death of a 17-year-old ‘good Samaritan” who offered him a ride home in the cold. Is this the kind of young people our current progressive run system is producing? There is something seriously wrong. This is horrific on so many levels.

According to a report from TheBlaze, Jack Snyder was on his way home from his girlfriend’s birthday party in Battle Creek, Michigan, when he saw two teenagers walking outside on February 17. Snyder then reportedly offered the pair a ride home due to the temperatures being well below zero outside.

“The two teens – ages 13 and 14 – got inside Snyder’s car and then attempted to carjack him, according to police. Snyder – a member of the National Honor Society who played varsity soccer – reportedly resisted, and he was shot twice. The Battle Creek Police Department said it arrested a 14-year-old on Friday,” the report said.

“As part of today’s investigation and efforts, detectives recovered a gun they suspect was involved in the murder,” local law enforcement said. “Confirmation of this is pending forensic analysis.”

Then, on Sunday, the 13-year-old involved in the incident turned himself in to the authorities.

“On Friday, the Calhoun County Prosecutor’s Office charged 14-year-old Justice Chimner as an adult. Chimmer was charged with felony murder, carjacking, and two weapons-related violations. He faces up to life in prison,” TheBlaze reported.

Chimner has pleaded not guilty to the murder.

David Gilbert, County Prosecutor for Calhoun County, went on to say that Chimner has a previous criminal record featuring theft and attempting to sell a firearm. Both of the teens are currently being held without bail in a youth detention center.

A report from local media outlet, WXMI, said, “In the State of Michigan, a child between the ages of 14 and 17 can be tried as an adult without court authorization if charged with felony murder.”

Battle Creek Police Sergeant Jeff Case stated during a press briefing on the case, “The victim was trying to be a good Samaritan by giving them a ride with the cold temperatures. I do know that he resisted the carjacking. So again, he was trying to help out but wasn’t just going to give over the car.”

The obituary for the slain student read, “The students and faculty described Jack as light-hearted, charismatic, athletic, and humorous. One whom left an indelible mark on all that met him.”

Snyder is survived by both of his parents, a brother, and two sisters.

The question on everyone’s mind is what kind of home life does Chimner have that has allowed him to develop a lengthy criminal record at such a young age? He’s only 14-years-old. Are they largely absent from his life? Does he even have parents at all? What’s the deal?

Nurture plays a huge role in determining whether or not young children grow up to be criminals and participants in acts of violent crime. Those who come from fatherless households are more likely than those where dads are present to take part in crime.

Let’s hope Snyder’s family is given the justice and closure they deserve in a court of law.

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