Activists Upset That Black Family Sold Reparations Land Back to the Government

In a move that exposes the left for the hypocritic control freaks that they are, activists are upset at a black family in California for selling the land the state gave back to their family, back to the state. The family originally owned the beachfront land before the state snatched it away, and years later the state corrected that injustice by giving the property back to the rightful owners. Since developing and maintaining the land was going to be so expensive, the family sold it back for a handsome profit. However, that isn’t suitable to the woke left because they are more interested in optics and politics than the family actually getting life changing wealth from the sale. Check this out.

Activists are upset that the Bruce family, which received oceanfront property last year that was unjustly taken from its forebears by the government, has now sold it back to Los Angeles County for $20 million.

The owners, Willa and Charles Bruce, purchased the land in 1912 and created a beach resort catering to black clients before the city used eminent domain to seize the property.

The land was dormant for decades until the city built a park in 1960 and later renamed it Bruce’s Beach. Descendants of Willa and Charles Bruce sued, claiming the eminent domain program was racially motivated.

The city and state actually did the right thing in giving this stolen land back to the rightful owners. At that point it is up to them what to do with it. Or at least one would think so. The woke mob was not happy with the decision to flip the property into fast cash.

The Bruces’ decision to sell has stirred fresh debate about the goals and methods of reparations, just as those efforts have been gaining traction at universities and local governments.

Activists who had helped the Bruces secure the land, and other observers, were disappointed that the family decided not to hold onto it and try to reclaim the vision of their ancestors.

“Say it ain’t so,” Tavis Smiley said on his radio show. “It was the quintessential example, to my mind at least, of how reparations should work. And many of us were heartened by this rare public example of government doing right by Black folk.”

Apparently, Travis Smiley has been asleep or not paying attention since the Civil Rights Movement if he thinks the government doing “right by black folk” is rare. The government, private organization, employers and the like have been overcorrecting for decades in terms of favoring “black folk” over whites, Asians and Hispanics for things such as jobs, promotions, and higher educational opportunities. That isn’t to say some it hasn’t been justified, but to act like it hasn’t happened is blind victimhood. The Bruces’ were free to do what they want with their property.

The land was seized by the city of Manhattan Beach, then transferred to the state, then to Los Angeles County.

Finally, in 2022, the land was returned to the descendants of the Bruce family in an emotional public ceremony.

However, the New York Times reports, the family then decided to sell the land back to the county, given the difficulty of developing the beachfront property, and the fact that the asset could be turned quickly into cash.

Reparations are a hot topic in California, despite not being a slave state and entering the United States as a free state in 1850. In the case of the Bruce family, the land was unjustly seized and subsequently returned rather than a form of payment from work done over 160 years ago in a state that didn’t have slaves. Begs the question, why is California debating reparations? Because California is on the cutting edge of insanity and trying as hard as they can to ruin their own economy. Giving money to people who didn’t directly earn it is their latest attempt to look like the best white people ever, while so many of their own residents live on the street. No wonder people are fleeing California like their hair is on fire.


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