Anti-Capitalist Bernie Sanders Charging Fortune for Tickets To Book Event About Anti-Capitalism

Liberals love nothing more than to tell the peasants how to live their lives. Athletes, Hollywood elites and lefty politicians love to preach to the unwashed massed about the evils of capitalism, climate change, and any other agenda that doesn’t put money in their pockets, all while laughing all the way to the bank. Very few practice what they preach, often throwing up two middle fingers to regular Americans in the process. How many times has climate czar John Kerry flown privately to climate events? How often does Joe Biden go on vacation after the left spent four years having a fit every time Trump played a round of golf? Near the top of the list of hypocrites is Bernie Sanders. An avowed Socialist, Sanders has been trying unsuccessfully to run for the White House for almost a decade. Bernie hates capitalism. Bernie thinks corporations and wealth are evil. Bernie is also one of the biggest hypocrites on the planet. Sanders has announced that he is selling tickets for an upcoming book event about ironically, anti-capitalism. Hope you saved your allowance if you want to go. Check this out.

The independent Senator from Vermont is known for proudly holding socialist (communist?) views about wealth and redistributing resources and money.

You’d think a guy like that would definitely never try to profit off anything, right? Well, you’d be wrong. The 81-year-old Senator is hosting a March 1st event at The Anthem in Washington D.C. to promote his new book “It’s Ok to Be Angry About Capitalism,” and if you want to attend, you better be ready to fork over some cash.

The cheapest tickets are $35 and go all the way up to $95. It’s not clear how much fees and taxes will be at the moment because the presale isn’t open.

However, given the fact Ticketmaster is doing the selling, you can assume some extra cash.

Talk about the set on that guy! Sanders must carry his cajónes in a wheelbarrow! How are you able to hold an event decrying the evils of capitalism, yet still partner with one of the truly most evil companies on the face of the earth in Ticketmaster, and sell exorbitantly priced tickets? The worst part is the rubes that believe Sander’s prattle will take a hammer to their piggy banks to line the rich old turds pocket. Capitalism for the win!

The event is described as, “Senator Bernie Sanders’ new book, It’s Ok to Be Angry About Capitalism, is a progressive takedown of the uber-capitalist status quo that has enriched millionaires and billionaires at the expense of the working class, and a blueprint for what transformational change would actually look like.”

Sounds an awful lot like communism if you ask me. Last time I checked, communism was bad. It’s still bad, right? Or have crazy people like Sanders indoctrinated enough smooth brained people that he can get away with peddling an ideology that has killed millions of people throughout history, and has never worked, much like many of Sanders younger supporters. Suckers will be suckers, and Sanders and Ticketmaster will continue to get rich off of stupid people.

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