Basketball Legend Dick Vitale Blasts “Ugly Politics” for LSU Decision To Add Female Coaches Name to Men’s Floor

Dick Vitale is perhaps the most well-known broadcaster in the sports world. His excitement, energy and influence has helped make college basketball what it is today. In other words, he is a big deal in the industry, so when he says something critical, people should listen. Vitale took to Twitter recently to address a situation at Louisiana State University, blasting the current political climate in the process. Check this out.

LSU’s Dale Brown Court may soon include the name of former Tigers women’s basketball coach Sue Gunter.

Just over a year ago, LSU named their court after Brown, who is the most decorated men’s hoops coach in school history. Brown led the Tigers to a pair of Final Four appearances and won 448 games.

Now, according to Louisiana’s WAFB News, LSU’s Board of Supervisors will vote next week to potentially add Gunter’s name to the court.

Dale Brown is a college coaching legend, and the primary reason LSU had any success in the 80’s and 90’s. That’s not to take anything away from Gunter, who was very accomplished also, but why the need to throw Gunter’s name on the floor as well? Equality? Is it not ok to honor the most successful coach in program history and leave it at that? Apparently, LSU thinks everything has to be even-Stephen, or Stephanie in this case.

Dick Vitale recognizes the absurdity of the situation and said as much Friday.

“This is wacky Dale deserved the honor & it finally was affirmed & now UGLY POLITICS is involved,” tweeted Vitale.

To be clear, Dickie V isn’t bashing Gunter, a success in her own right. His issue is with LSU’s Board of Supervisors and, at least according to his friend and fellow broadcaster, Tim Brando, Louisiana’s Governor.

It’s pretty simple – you don’t bestow a significant honor upon someone, then drop and ‘oh, by the way’ barely a year later.

There is no need for LSU’S Board of Supervisors to take away from the meaning of Dale Brown Court by adding Gunter’s name. The university could do something else. Build a statue perhaps? Maybe name a practice facility for her? Something to do with the women’s program would be more appropriate, even if most college campuses are populated with boys who think they are girls, militant members of the lgbtq air force, and raging communists. Vitale, who is employed by one of the biggest culprits when it comes to misguided social justice and false political narratives, ESPN of course, is probably too big to cancel and too legendary to shout down, but Vitale is also not going to keep his mouth shut, and he shouldn’t. The game and the network have him to thank for much of their popularity, so when Dickie V speaks out about ‘ugly politics”, the network and LSU should listen. Whether they will remains to be seen, but you can bet Dick will have something to say if they don’t.


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