California Residents Urged To Avoid Cookie Monster

Recently, in Santa Cruz, California, authorities have been warning residents to avoid Cookie Monster. Not because of the trans fats and sugar, but because it is a dangerous weirdo wearing a Cookie Monster suit, harassing people.

A man named Adam Sandler has been donning the beloved suit of the cookie chomping, googly-eyed monster and wandering the beach and boardwalk area, often hurling insults and racial epitaphs at shocked bystanders. Despite the name, it isn’t the famous Adam Sandler, though it would surprise no one if eventually it was. This Adam Sandler in fact is known across the nation for his erratic behavior, his racist rants and his love of donning costumes from Sesame Street. Check this out.

Police say a man wearing a Cookie Monster costume has been terrorizing residents of a California town, and they are warning parents to snap photos at their own risk.

“Recently, a man dressed up like the Cookie Monster in Santa Cruz is causing concern around the Beach and Wharf areas,” read a public service announcement posted on the Facebook page of the Santa Cruz Police Department. Police identified the man as Adam Sandler, with no relation to the actor.

It is hilarious that the Santa Cruz Police Department felt the need to clarify that it wasn’t the actor Adam Sandler. With young kids, it is hard to tell them that they can’t hug Cookie Monster or get a picture with him when they see him out in public. This creates a potentially dangerous situation for parents and children.

“(The) Santa Cruz Police Department have received calls and emails from people who say he is ‘creepy’ and his presence and comments make them uncomfortable,” reads the notice. “Based on Adam Sandler’s history across the country, the Santa Cruz Police Department advises the public not to engage with this individual and steer clear of him.”

Santa Cruz police reiterated in the comments section of their Facebook post that Sandler is “widely known for antagonistic antics in tourist locations. Wharf businesses have witnessed and complained that he’s yelling and irrationally acting out toward customers.”

Police said Sandler does not work for the city of Santa Cruz and that he is exercising his first amendment rights, however they are urging anyone who is a victim of or a witness to a crime committed by Sandler, to contact authorities.

Sandler has a troubled, cross-country reputation as a Sesame Street knockoff character.

As Adam Sandler traverses the country, besmirching the good name of actors and Muppets, his exploits have become so well known that he is literally infamous for his sometimes criminal hi jinks. In 2012 Sandler was arrested outside a New York zoo wearing an Elmo costume and insulting Jews. The real Adam Sandler wouldn’t do that, as he is a Jew himself.

According to the New York Times, in 2012, Sandler — wearing a red Elmo costume — was handcuffed by police in Central Park and taken to Metropolitan Hospital Center after making anti-Semitic comments outside the park’s zoo. That year, Sandler told the New York Times that he was arrested and deported from Cambodia for running a pornography website.

Perhaps being deported from Cambodia should be a clear sign that you are not someone to be trusted, especially as a Muppet around kids. Sandler however had this to say in his own defense, if there is one.

To the Los Angeles Times, Sandler denied accusations that he had threatened to beat up another Cookie Monster character, and denied accusations of being disruptive from local residents and businesses.

“I tamed my behavior down since I’ve been at the zoo, since New York,” Sandler told the Los Angeles Times. “This is a good place for me to be, because I’m only impacting one business. If I go to Santa Monica or something, it impacts 50 businesses. So it’s better that I’m here. And it’s calmer, no one is harassing me.”

Considering the reputation the pier at Santa Monica has, perhaps he would be better suited, pun intended, to be there. He could very well not even be the strangest, most disturbing character on that beach. Sandler is at least aware of his behavior and has been attempting to tone it down, aside from allegedly threatening to tune up another Cookie Monster. This is an odd story, and thankfully no children have been harmed. Hopefully, parent will take note and keep their kids away from the rogue Cookie Monster. Big Bird had no comment.


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