Candace Cameron Bure Refuses To Let Cancel Culture Make Her Back Down

Actress Candace Cameron Bure of Great American Family, has made it crystal clear she’s not going to allow cancel culture to influence the decisions she makes, stating that while she knew that facing the backlash for her personal views would be “difficult,” it was nothing at all compared to what Christians are having to deal with in other countries around the world. And she’s right. People here, for the most part, might make fun of Christians or ridicule the faith, but they don’t typically kill someone for worshiping  Jesus. That’s one of many things that makes America so important on the religious front.

On Wednesday, Bure appeared on an episode of “Unapologetic with Julia Jeffress Sadler” ‘s podcast, where she took an opportunity to address the fact that critics are consistently attacking her for sharing her thoughts and views.

“Cancel culture is real, and it’s difficult, and it’s hard,” she went on to say during the interview, but she she then pivoted to point out the fact that there are folks outside the United States who have faced a much more difficult situation if they wanted to boldly proclaim the message of the gospel.

Bure then stated that she had zero intentions of allowing critics to change her point of view, noting it’s critical for Christians to stand up boldly for their beliefs when faced with backlash. She’s right on the money. Especially if we truly believe that the Bible says and that God is the ultimate source of objective truth.

“It’s hard, no matter what. Especially when you are a compassionate person and you have a heart for people. But it’s important that we speak truth in love, ’cause, listen, nobody’s gonna change, nobody’s gonna listen to you when it comes out angry, when it comes out in a harsh way, but it’s important that we don’t back down,” she said.

The Daily Wire report then said, “After Bure’s abrupt exit from the Hallmark Channel — which she attributed to a change in leadership and a shift away from faith-based stories that focused on traditional values and marriages — she faced a wave of backlash accusing her of bigotry and of selling out.”

Bure responded to what was said by stating she loves everyone, even the folks who hate everything she stands for, and confirmed she would still stand by her faith and its teachings, despite their attacks against her.

The Christian faith has always been attacked by those outside of it, largely because it’s a system of belief built on the reality that an all-powerful, all-knowing, just, and loving God exists and rules over all people, holding them accountable to the law that He’s handed down from the beginning of time.

People want to be able to do whatever their hearts desire without worrying about being held accountable for their actions. God does not allow for this. If He exists, if His law really is the absolute standard of right and wrong, then that means they must answer to Him for their behavior. Man wants to be his own God. He does not want to admit he’s a sinner who has broken God’s law and therefore, His only hope of escaping judgment is through faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ.

Thus, you get assaulted –verbally or physically — when you decide to preach the truth and confront the wickedness of the world with God’s standard of righteousness.

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