Chicago’s South Side Residents Not Happy Over Lightfoot Housing Migrants in Abandoned School

Residents of Chicago’s South Side are furious at Lori Lightfoot for housing illegal migrants in one of the neighborhoods abandoned schools. Wadsworth Elementary had been closed almost a decade in the city’s Woodlawn area until now, as Lightfoot is throwing almost $7 million of the city’s budget toward housing people who are in America illegally. The South Side of Chicago is one of the poorest areas of the country and residents aren’t happy with the fact illegals migrants, most without any identification or known history are being dumped at their doorstep. Check this out.

Residents of Chicago’s South Side, home to the city’s poorest neighborhoods, are outraged as Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot spends millions housing newly arrived border crossers in an abandoned school.

Earlier this month, Lightfoot’s administration began housing border crossers in Wadsworth Elementary School — an abandoned school that sits in the city’s Woodlawn neighborhood. The school was closed a decade ago after the community tried to save it.

Some residents told the Wall Street Journal that city officials failed to take their community into account before deciding the house the border crossers in their neighborhood. In total, the city is spending nearly $7 million to shelter and offer services to the new arrivals.

Democrat government rarely takes the plight of the poor into account before dumping on them, so it’s not surprising that Lightfoot is dropping them off at their doorstep rather than in her neighborhood of Logan Square. It has been shown time and again that liberals are all for illegal immigration, until those smelly migrants are dumped on their yard. Then it’s a human rights violation. The hypocrisy from the left never ends. Needless to say, local residents are not happy.

“I’ve got nothing against them,” Luis Cardona, a retired tow-truck driver who helped organize Friday’s demonstration, said of the migrants. “We need to help the people here that need it, and then help the other people.” 

In Woodlawn, some residents said the neighborhood has long been underserved by the city, and that the reopening of the school to house migrants represented another instance of the city acting against the community’s wishes. 

The school’s closing was “like a feeling of just total disregard and disrespect for the community,” said Patricia Hightower, an 80-year-old community activist.

If you’ve ever been to the South Side of Chicago, you know Cardonna isn’t exaggerating. The area is run down and extremely dangerous. After a few weeks living there some of the travelers might decide to take their chance back in their home country. That is sort of the point. The money being spent to house migrants in an abandoned school that they will just trash further like the hotels in New York City could be spent putting more police on the South Side or refurbishing the entire area. If you take a chronically dangerous, poor area and put more people there that don’t speak the language you are asking for a violent mess. There is simply too much resentment from local residents. Lori Lightfoot has transformed Chicago into a dangerous husk of what it was just a mere decade ago. The arrow is pointing down for the Windy City, and throwing migrants into the South Side is borderline inhumane.

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