Daily Show Creator Oozes With Jealousy, Insults Fans of “Gutfeld” With Profane Interview Rant

Nothing galls the left more than knowing there is an entire half of the country that doesn’t consume their nonsense. It hits them even harder when it is put on full display for the country and world to see. Super Bowl Sunday, Greg Gutfeld of Fox and the top rated “Gutfeld” late night show was featured in his own commercials, being crowned the “King of Late Night”. Gutfeld has regularly been outdrawing the network late night shows and also-rans like The Daily Show. His blend of comedy and willingness to take on the woke left has drawn the eyeballs of viewers on both sides of the aisle, and the creator of the Daily Show is having none of it. Recently in an interview on SiriusXM, Lizz Winstead the creator of the failing Daily Show unleashed a foul-mouthed tirade, insulting and taking shots at the uncultured masses that actually like to laugh at their late-night comedy shows. Check this out.

The jealousy just oozed out of The Daily Show creator, Lizz Winstead, when SiriusXM host Dean Obeidallah brought up  the fact, albeit in a rather mocking way, that a new Super Bowl ad features Fox News Greg Gutfeld as the new “King of Late Night.” Rather than be even the slightest bit gracious over the very true fact that Gutfeld leads in the late-night ratings for comedy, Winstead let loose with a barrage of very angry profanity.

Look, here’s what I always say, he ain’t funny to me but we see that there’s an audience out there for shit like that. There’s an audience out there for shit like Joe Rogan. There’s an audience out there of fucking shitty people. Seventy million people voted for Trump, like Fox News. Those people are going to laugh at shit we think is fucked up.So you know, the bottom line is do I want them as my audience? No. I would never want to go on that show. It would never benefit me in any way. All that would happen was I’d try to be on there and you would just get trolls in your Twitter field from here to eternity.

Wow, those are some sour grapes there Lizz. Maybe viewers are tired of being smashed over the head with a far-left narrative? Perhaps they are sick of skits pushing vaccines and the never ending, always unfunny Trump schtick? Those might be a couple reasons viewers are tuning out, besides them just being shitty.

So is he funny? Not to me. But he makes jokes about shit that I care about, which is gross. I think that whole situation is gross but there is a market for it. The bottom line is there is a market for it. You know what else I think is gross? Golden Corral.

So, Lizz Winstead not only managed to insult anyone that might have a different idea about what is funny, but she insults Golden Corral as well. To look at her you would think she is a fan of the Corral, but I digress. Some people just can’t stand the fact that others are more successful. Joe Rogan is an uncancelable force of nature, and Greg Gutfeld is willing to look at issues the loony left hold precious and make fun of them. Isn’t that what comedy is? The other late-night shows have forgotten or are afraid to make jokes. Lizz isn’t going to have to worry, those 70 million people definitely aren’t going to be part of her audience. There are too many other, better choices. Like Gutfeld, and Golden Corral.


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