Democratic St. Louis Circuit Attorney Given Choice: Resign or Be Removed

As it turns out, people eventually get tired of rampant crime and elected officials NOT doing their job in keeping criminals off of the streets. In St. Louis, the breaking point was finally reached after a 21-year-old repeat criminal who was out on bail ran over and forever ruined the life of a 16-year-old girl visiting for a volleyball tournament. Now, GOP leadership in the state has given Democratic St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner a choice. Quit or be fired. Check this out.

The Missouri attorney general has given embattled Democratic St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner an ultimatum amid public safety outcries following a major incident over the weekend: resign or be removed.

Attorney General Andrew Bailey, a Republican, gave Gardner “until noon tomorrow” to announce her resignation, after a motorist who repeatedly violated his bond conditions on earlier charges crashed and injured a teenage volleyball player.

“We are giving Kim Gardner until noon tomorrow to resign. If she refuses, she will face immediate removal proceedings in the form of a writ of quo warranto brought by our office,” Bailey revealed on Twitter.

Why did it take this long to hold Gardner accountable? She has been releasing criminals with regularity, which is the hallmark of Democrats. Tragically a young girl had to be horribly maimed before enough was enough.

Janae Edmondson, 16, visited St. Louis with her family last Saturday for a volleyball tournament. While the family were in the downtown area, a speeding driver failed to yield and caused a collision, ultimately striking Edmondson. The incident took place around 8:40 p.m.

She remains hospitalized in critical condition.

Attorney General Bailey accused Gardner of facilitating crimes, rather than preventing them.

“As AG, I want to protect the people of St. Louis, and that includes protecting victims of crime and finding justice for them,” Bailey said.

A great way to protect the people would be to keep the criminals endangering public safety actually locked up. It is common in Democrat led cities for crooks to routinely be released on low or no bond over and over as they continue to commit more crimes. Why wouldn’t they when they know they will just be let back out? In this instance, even some Dems are joining in the call for Gardner’s removal.

The statement added: “Instead of protecting victims, Circuit Attorney Gardner is creating them. My office will do everything in its power to restore order, and eliminate the chaos in St. Louis caused by Kim Gardner’s neglect of her office.”

Many officials, including Democrats, joined in criticizing Gardner.

Democratic St. Louis Mayor Tishaura O. Jones said Gardner had “lost the trust of the people,” but did not say she should resign.

The suspect, 21-year-old Daniel Riley, was being held at the St. Louis City Justice Center on five charges, including unlicensed operation of a vehicle and felony assault.

At the time of the incident, he was out on bond for an August 2020 robbery case.

Fox’s St. Louis affiliate KTVI reported the teen had already committed to playing Division II volleyball in college, but the severity of her injuries are likely to prevent her from ever playing again.

You have a young life stolen and broken because of the gross negligence and failure of a democrat to do their job. How many cities have similar things happened and innocent people had their lives forever changed because Dems refuse to do their jobs? This is a big step in the right direction for St. Louis, and hopefully other blue cities take note.

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