Democrats Sport ‘ABORTION’ Pins With Heart-Shaped Cutouts, Miss The Irony Completely

Democratic lawmakers are and seemingly always have been proud to stand up for the practice of abortion, which is a weird thing to jut your chin in the air over, considering it’s the murder of pre-born children, a denial of a person’s most fundamental and basic right, which is the right to life. However, the ghouls in the progressive camp just love the idea of human sacrifice on the alter of convenience, as it’s a tool in their belt that helps them undermine and ultimately destroy the family unit, paving the way for government to replace that role in a person’s life.

And that means they will hold all power over the citizens beneath them. It’s scary.

So given the previous track record, it’s to be expected today’s Democrats will also boldly proclaim their support for this barbaric procedure.

According to TheBlaze, Democrats are now displaying their love for the murder of pre-born kids by donning pins that say “ABORTION” which ironically feature a heart-shaped cutout. Apparently, it’s lost on the left that this practice stops the heart of those it is performed on, otherwise they probably wouldn’t wear the pin. Scratch that. Of course they would.

Liberal Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts announced that he wore the pin to the State of the Union address Tuesday evening delivered by President Joe Biden. He posted a photo of the pin on his social media accounts.

“I’m wearing my abortion pin from @PPFA to tonight’s State of the Union address. Abortion is essential healthcare and we need to codify this right,” the Democrat posted on Twitter.

This did not sit well with a lot of people, including conservative pundit Ben Shapiro who called the move to wear the pin “vile,” while the House Judiciary GOP account labeling it as “disgusting.” Both are accurate descriptions.

“What’s disgusting is the GOP’s obsession with controlling people’s bodies,” Markey said in response. Well, Markey, the pre-born child has his or her own body, which the mother is controlling when she opts to have it ripped apart inside the womb so she can enjoy sex without consequences. Just throwing that out there for you to think about, sir.

Other individuals dropped comments about the pin on the senator’s post.

“Democrat man wears pin showing his love of abortion, which violently ends human life in the mother’s womb,” Mollie Hemingway posted.

LifeNews.Com circled the heart-shaped cutout of the pin and said, “Actually, abortion stops a beating heart.”

“Love the cute little heart! WHOOPS! Next year why not just rebrand it as KILLKIDZ? And add a fun rainbow GROOMER pin!” Eric Metaxas wrote with a liberal helping of sarcasm.

“Nobody wears an American flag pin because they want patriotism to be safe, legal & rare,” Dan McLaughlin stated in a tweet.

“Because the Republican agenda is to keep our union divided, then it must be through the pursuit of justice that we will heal and strengthen it—economic justice, climate justice, health justice, and racial justice. That is the commitment President Biden is delivering on, and the future that Democrats in Congress must continue to build,” Markey went on to say in a statement delivered on Tuesday.

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