DOH! Biden Pulls, Well, A ‘Biden’ And Falls Up The Steps To Air Force One

President Joe Biden is a total embarrassment to the United States of America. I said that in such a formal way because I really want the point to hit home. There’s no worse president in this country’s history, and we have a pretty impressive list of baddies to choose from in our nation’s short existence. There’s Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama. That’s just a couple off the top of my head. And yet, somehow, Biden has surpassed them all to take the crown.

It’s not just his policy failures, which are many, that have made him such an embarrassment. It’s the sheer number of gaffes, stumbles, falls, wanderings, and various other behavioral quirks he’s displayed over the course of the last two years that have made him so cringe worthy.

Like falling while walking up the steps to Air Force One, which he did Wednesday as he was boarding a flight leaving Poland.

The Daily Wire reports, “Fox Business White House correspondent Edward Lawrence posted a video of the incident on Twitter. Biden is now on his way back to the White House.”

“This latest incident of Biden falling comes after White House physician Kevin O’Connor claimed last week that Biden was ‘a healthy, vigorous 80-year-old male who is fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency, to include those as Chief Executive, Head of State and Commander in Chief,'” the report continued. “Biden’s fall comes two years after he repeatedly fell while walking up the steps to Air Force One as he was preparing to go to Atlanta to visit with community leaders following an incident that happened in the city.”

And that incident happened just a few months after he fell and broke his foot while allegedly chasing his dog around after getting out of the shower. I mean, are we actually supposed to believe that? And if it does happen to be true, what kind of idiot goes running after their pooch after getting out of the shower? Either way, the incompetence is glaring.

“What happened was I got out of the shower. I got a dog and anybody who’s been around my house knows — dropped, little pup dropped a ball in front of me. And for me to grab the ball,” Biden said while conducting an interview with CNN. “And I’m walking through this little alleyway to get to the bedroom. And I grabbed the ball like this and he ran. And I’m joking, running after him and grab his tail. And what happened was that he slid on a throw rug. And I tripped on the rug he slid on. That’s what happened. Oh man, not a very exciting story.”

And who can forget the infamous bicycle fall that happened last summer? You know, the one where he was standing absolutely still talking to reporters and just, well, fell over?

Seems pretty clear to me and anyone with half a brain that Biden’s physical motor skills have been greatly diminished. This could just be from the natural process of aging, or the result of dementia. Unless there is a cognitive test given, we’ll probably never know which is which.

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