Dynamic Ticket Pricing Set To Infect AMC Theaters

What is dynamic pricing, and why is it causing such an uproar in the entertainment industry? Dynamic pricing is the practice of raising or theoretically lowering ticket prices for events such as concerts based on demand. Obviously, prices will almost never go down, especially for in-demand acts, and since there are still rich people and people who will overspend on concert tickets, prices rise for popular acts. Bruce Springsteen and Taylor Swift are two of the most recent artists to cause an uproar with the dynamic pricing model. While it may not always be the fault of the artist, nothing is being done to stem the out-of-control pricing. Long term this will hurt the industry and turn off concert goers. What does this have to do with movie theaters? Cue AMC. The failing chain, which has already had to sell a huge share to a Saudi Arabian company in an attempt to stay afloat, has decided to charge more for better seats. Are they TRYING to run themselves out of business? Sounds like it. Check this out.

Movie theater chain AMC Entertainment is implementing higher ticket prices with a new, three-tiered pricing based on how easy it is to see the screen from your seat.

Calling the plan “Sightline AMC,” the chain will charge more for seats that are in the “preferred sightline” of the screen and less for third tier seats in the wings or in the first rows. The second tier is being defined as “standard sightline.”
The preferred seats are generally those in the middle of the theater, where viewers don’t have to sit sideways or crane necks to enjoy the show.

The new ticket prices will not be charged to “Stubs A-List” members, who will be automatically given the top tier seats, to encourage customers to join the program.

So essentially in a sly move to get moviegoers to sign up for their preferred program, AMC is going to charge more to see the screen from preferred angles. As is the case with dynamic ticket prices and fast passes at amusement parks, people who either can’t or won’t dump a lot of money into the experience have to go to the back of the line or sit in the bad seats. Get in the back, you smelly poor person! Great plan AMC, what could possibly go wrong? Well, let me throw out a couple of possible snafus; the theater experience hasn’t really rebounded from lockdown, and people are perfectly happy to sit at home and watch many of the same movies on services like Redbox, Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix. Even if you have to pay to rent a new release movie at home, you can still pop your own popcorn, drink your own soda, and the floor won’t be sticky. If your floor at home is sticky, turn the television off and clean your house. Just saying.

The Sightline at AMC pricing plan is set to be rolled out in select theaters as a test run. The chain did not reveal a list of the participating locations. The initial rollout is expected to continue throughout 2023.

People are getting fed up with Hollywood, and fewer big budget blockbuster films are being produced. The days of the popcorn action flick and loading the family into the station wagon to go to the movies may be over. Especially when taking your family costs about as much as a monthly payment on that station wagon. Based on the shortsighted Hail-Mary plan from AMC, their days may be done before the test run is over.

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