Florida Teacher Suspended for Forcing White Kids To Bow Down, Serve Black Kids for Black History Month

When will so-called educators learn? When will they decide to simply teach the curriculum and leave their personal beliefs and politics at the door? Apparently never. Despite the left telling us that this sort of this is just conservatives waging a culture war, we continue to get instance after instance of leftist’s teachers grooming, radicalizing, and talking about anything besides what they should be. Recently a Florida teacher was suspended for a racist stunt during Black History Month.

Ethan Hooper, who is black pulled a racist stunt in his classroom and also parodied Governor Ron DeSantis’ banning of books espousing CRT and inappropriate sexual material. Apparently, Hooper thinks middle school kids should be able to look at sexually explicit content and should be divided because of their skin color. Why he wasn’t fired on the spot, especially in Florida remains to be seen. Check this out.

Ethan Hooper is a sixth-grade language teacher at Howard Middle school in Orlando, Florida. He is currently on suspension.

Mr. Hooper recently made his white students bow to their black classmates like servants. He considered the skit a celebration of Black History Month. Hooper was quite proud of how the students performed.

So much so, he uploaded the video to a public TikTok account.

The influential Libs of TikTok flagged that particular clip after several parents of the school learned of the teacher’s actions:

Clearly just because you have a teaching certificate doesn’t mean you are smart. Apparently, Hooper got his credentials out of a Cracker Jack box. Why else would he think it was appropriate to not only single out the only black kids in the class, but to embarrass them and the white kids with such a cringe stunt, then upload it to TikTok? How did he think this was going to go? Did he think he would be hailed as a genius for pulling a racist stunt in a middle school just because he is black? Wrong answer.

In another video, Hooper dramatically walked around the classroom taking books from children in an attempt to ridicule Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Stop WOKE Act. He then — while still playing DeSantis — banned all books about black history.

Ethan Hooper seems to get his information from NBC host Andrea Mitchell, who continues to lie about DeSantis’ stance on teaching slavery in schools.

Hooper also seems to support books with sexually explicit prose or illustrations, a chief reason for the act.

There are two possible answers here. Either Hooper ONLY watches the lying, leftist liberal media and thinks CNN and CNBC are actual real news, or he is pushing a racist, far left narrative and attempting to indoctrinate and radicalize a classroom full of soft-brained middle schoolers. Neither answer is acceptable. Behavior like this from someone that is supposed to be charged with educating children should be met with swift and decisive action. Instead, the district, while criticizing Hooper’s actions, have yet to fire him.

Orange County Public Schools Superintendent Maria Vazquez calls Hooper’s behavior “appalling” and “inappropriate”

“This is not free speech — it is the exploitation of our students for political purposes and it will not be tolerated in our school district,” said Vazquez.

Vazquez and the district must move quickly if they mean what they say. Hooper was using those children as political props to push a racist agenda. This must stop, and people like this must NEVER be allowed to step foot in a school again.

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