Game Over! Popular Video Game Now Offering Kids the Opportunity To Transition Characters

Video games are supposed to be fun. Whether you are playing a sports game, killing zombies, or waging make believe war, video games are intended to be a distraction from everyday life. Unfortunately, everyday life, at least the more destructive aspects of it are seeping their way into other spaces like college campuses, television and movies, and now apparently video games as well. The popular kids franchise the Sims introduced a new feature which allows players to essentially transition the on-screen characters, equipping them with double mastectomy scars or chest binders. Good, clean fun, am I right? Check this out.

The children’s video game franchise “Sims” has introduced a new feature. Starting today, a user can give their characters double mastectomy scars and chest binders.

Transgender “top surgery” is now an option from which a gamer can choose.

“Sims” makes surgically removing breasts as simple as changing a hat or a coat. The game treats said surgery like a costume — as do various transgender groups.

The entire transgender narrative is basically a costume. People claim they want to mutilate their bodies to be their “true” selves, yet someone who is not a police officer can dress like a cop. That doesn’t make them a cop. I can put my cat on a leash and try to teach it to roll over and play dead, but it will still never be a dog. Catering to the whims of a deluded, small group of people isn’t doing them any favors. Psychiatric help would be more in order.

Parents have met the update with proper outrage. However, the most influential voices are in support of the change.

Video game consoles creator Xbox praised the new feature. “Vadish, we love it!” the official Twitter account for Xbox wrote, alongside a heart emoji. 

“Vadish” means “thank you” in “Simlish,” the made-up language that “Sims” characters use to communicate.

The Microsoft-owned Xbox appears to have been waiting for kids to have the option to give themselves chest scars in a video game.

PlayStation has not addressed the update. But expect the Sony brand to also approve.

It’s way too easy for parents to allow their kids to immerse themselves in video games and social media rather than have any real interaction with them, or parent and have uncomfortable conversations. Same goes for the school system. Parents don’t want to get involved and know what is being taught and what rhetoric is being pushed until it’s too late and your daughter wants to chop off her breasts. It’s no surprise that Microsoft is super excited for young players to have the option to mutilate their characters, as big corporations dare not push back against the lgbtq agenda for fear of repercussion from the warlords on the left that push this filth. Companies like Microsoft and others won’t change until their bottom lines are affected. Parents need to wake up and see what is happening and punish these companies with their dollars. Only then will some of these companies stop pushing these far-left narratives.

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