GOOD MOVE: Legislators In Tennessee Are Pressing On With Ban New Ban That Will Make Groomers Furious

Lawmakers in the state of Tennessee have moved yet another step closer to completely banning the diabolical practice of child sex change procedures in the state. That might sound over dramatic, but when you understand the rate at which young people are having these procedures, many of them too young to drink, vote, or even drive, you’ll understand why this kind of measure is necessary. And to be completely honest, there are a lot of liberals who are preying on the delicate mental state of young people to manipulate them into thinking that since they do not neatly fit into either “masculine” or “feminine” categories, that means they are transgender and need to transition.

That, to me, is something that needs to be brought to an end. If those on the left refuse to do the right thing, then we must fight for the safety and health of future generations by taking away the tools the left uses to abuse the youth. That’s what this ban will accomplish.

According to the Daily Wire, “The bill, SB 0001, which would ban pediatric medical transition in Tennessee, is quickly moving forward after having passed a Senate committee with an 8-1 vote on Wednesday. It is now headed to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.”

“From the very beginning, the doctors were negligent,” Chloe Cole, an 18-year-old detransitioner from the state of California, who is now permanently scarred from having a double mastectomy surgery that removed her breasts at the age of 15. “They treated me as if I were an adult who was capable of making informed lifelong decisions that would affect every area of my life — from socialization and relationships to sexual function and my ability to have children.”

Just for a moment, think back to your own time spent in the formative years of young adulthood. Being a teenager is truly a conflicting period where you are in-between a child and an adult, figuring out who you are, which typically involves a process of trial and error when it comes to personality development. That’s why we go through so many phases as teenagers. We’re trying on different hats so to speak, seeing what fits.

When a young person starts taking hormones that alter their body composition and then get permanent surgery to remove parts of their anatomy, these steps can’t be undone. Once the person realizes they aren’t transgender, it’s too late. The damage has been done. This is catastrophic for a child’s mental health.

According to local news station NewsChannel 5, the committee, held in Cordell Hull in Nashville, was met with a packed audience. The bill will still need to clear additional committees and the House and Senate chambers before it is reviewed by Governor Bill Lee,” the report continued.

“Tennessee Majority Leaders William Lamberth and Jack Johnson, both Republicans, introduced the Protecting Children from Gender Mutilation Act last November, which would effectively bar doctors from prescribing puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and performing gender-related surgeries on minors for the purpose of medical transition. It would also allow patients and their families to sue for damages and let the courts impose an additional $25,000 penalty for each violation,” the Daily Wire continued.

“The bill would clarify that performing these medical procedures can constitute abuse,” Johnson explained. “The bill would treat these procedures as our law treats other attempts to wound, injure or disable a child.”

The members of the GOP involved in coming up with the legislation wrote it back in the early fall of 2022 when Daily Wire host Matt Walsh published a video of a doctor at a university in Nashville referring to gender-transition procedures as “huge money makers.” Not long after it was posted, the video went viral.

“Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) “paused” all gender transition surgeries on children in October after Tennessee State representatives sent a letter to VUMC officials, urging them to “halt all permanent gender transitioning surgeries on minor children.” VUMC said they have performed “gender-affirming” double mastectomy surgeries to remove the breasts of approximately five minors every year since 2018,” the Daily Wire stated.

“The Protecting Children from Gender Mutilation Act would also create a private right of action, allowing a minor or the parent of a minor who sustained injuries due to medical transition to sue for damages. Additionally, it would enable a child to bring a civil cause of action against a parent if that parent helped to facilitate their child’s medical transition,” the Daily Wire continued.

If the bill is passed, it would enable courts to impose a hefty $25,000 fine per violation and would provide an opportunity for the attorney general to bring legal action against a healthcare provider if they knowingly violate the law within 20 years of the offense.

An exception is included in the legislation for children that are born with chromosomal anomalies or congenital defects that result in developmental sex conditions, allowing physicians to provide hormones and surgeries as treatment.

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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